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Yes, this stays between us, but if you’re reading this article is because

So read carefully what comes next so you can surprise your wife and make her smile today, and every day come. Take it as an investment in which everyone wins. The point is that your wife tells you you’re not gentle, seductive, a gentleman. Well, keep in mind the small gestures I say

Trust me … try and then tell me.

The importance of cleanliness in the couple

When you feel attracted to someone, do you think cleaning your house will be crucial to consider forming couple with this person? Surely not what goes through your head at first but it is very important in establishing a strong relationship.

At least that is what shows a study by and eDarling. It is surprising but half the people would reject a second date with someone who does not care hygiene home. Not talking about a sympathetic disorder, but of rude things or unpleasant odors. In fact, I know the testimony of a man who had to flee literally the house of a spectacular blonde when they went home for a romantic evening and there awaited them huge big dog of her, her hair everywhere and the stench animal in every corner of the department.

According to serious study, “for 79% of respondents would be a problem of coexistence that your partner would not share the housework.

According to the study by Helpling and eDarling, 83.9% of those surveyed said that in addition to maintain their personal appearance and prepare the environment and perhaps a dinner, especially would clean the house before a date. Only 16.1% would not bother it.

Are men, 87.1%, the most concerned about this, perhaps because women do routinely and they are a little disorganized, or because they think they are more retailers and want to make a good impression.

Where more emphasis is put bath (59.5%), living room and kitchen (36.1%) and finally in cleaning the bedroom (4.4%). What? Is not that where you really have to be all very attractive?

The conclusion is that “4 out of 10 respondents is so important issue of cleanliness and order would cease to take an appointment to have her home a mess.” Especially women are shown vulnerable in this regard. The 43.26% of respondents give up an appointment before his “cave” was discovered.

According to the study by and eDarling, “for 79% of respondents would be a problem of coexistence that your partner would not share or doing housework, compared with 21% who replied that it would be of vital importance. on the other hand, 72.4% of respondents claim to have had no problem partner because housecleaning. Only three out of 10 surveyed Spanish claims to have discussed this issue at one time or another, while in the for men the figure is 2 out of 10 “.

Now you know, next time check your appearance and your home before going out to dance … just in case back with someone who can be the love of your life.

Lesbian and love

Universally, women we are taken by more sentimental and more capable of expressing affection than men. That is true, in terms of education given to us from small, regardless of genetic considerations. A woman traditionally is allowed to express their emotions with fewer barriers than men. Although we must add that that expression is not freer taken into account.

Emotional expressiveness of women has often been treated “female hysteria” or neurasthenic symptoms. At the same time we have a little rational “ease” to show our emotions, we can be branded as “altered emotional” or uncontrolled movingly, with the sole involvement of that behavior to our gender identity.

Right to express affection

The lesbian couple, it was thought that the problem of controlling the affections was over. Invisibility (agreed and convenient, tacitly) of lesbian love in traditional patriarchal society, it imposed the appearance of good intimate to love with friends but left them free to express their love in coexistence without greater emphasis on sexual behavior simply emotional, as in the heterosexual couple.

Feminism tried to claim the right to the expression of the loving affection of women. But, soon enough, there were voices (even from themselves feminists) who rushed to qualify the sentimental love as “misogynist trap handling,” denial of experimentation of freedom “,” construct for the oppression of women “as if that was not universal feeling something real and human. Therefore, a kind of sentimental weakness taboo around the value of affective, bashful and shamefaced expression was inspired and focused female claim to the rights of sexual expression among women.

The love between women, or love

Fleeing the stereotype (heterosexual, misogynistic and exploitative sexuality of women), casual sex partner, sentimentales- free bonds that are considered ignorant emotionalism and expectations of women in favor of sex- lesbians began to adopt the trend towards the establishment of the couple, on the basis of sex. Sleep one night with the new couple and gave vision of lasting infatuation, promise stability as a couple. The parameters of love, then switched to the controller inadvertently love, the dominant party role, sexual or emotional blackmail, physical, psychological or economic violence in the name of that love. Traits “heterosexual love,” which were installed as a social norm among lesbian couples, instead of female love attraction, intellectual empathy, emotional complicity. Admiration and desire for the other person to affective possession.

To avoid falling into those emotional traps that distort the true love and its expression, must flee from all kinds of “behavior model”. Being in love does not mean dependence, inferiority or submission of any party of the couple.

Among women, the ratio is usually greater emotional expressiveness and intimacy, but that more communication also leads to more fighting. What in heterosexual couples apologizes as “inevitable masculine or feminine trait” (that of “they are like”, “they do not understand”) loses sense of equals. Therefore, any sex gay expected the couple a more immediate and open that of a heterosexual relationship understanding. When that is not the case, conflicts as suspicion and sense of abandonment, misunderstanding or, conversely, of undisputed possession arise. In avoidance of those emotions, it is important to maintain the balance between affection and personal autonomy.

The expression of affection between women tends to protect the person dear to verbal and physical communication of feelings, but must be careful that this affection is not loaded with the manipulators established roles and misshapen. There is no gay gene manual emotionality, as there is not heterosexual love, there are only human emotions, we need to know properly channeled.

7 things ruin your relationship

As you know lovers who have spent many years together, the couple is like a delicate plant that must be cared daily for not wither. Some behaviors are like poison for love, and they should be taken into account to remove them as they begin to grow like weeds. Notes 7 things that ruin your relationship.

Judge. Committing to a person is to start really know. After a few months of relationship, especially if they begin to live, no longer see your partner only when left to go to dinner at a nice place, the two well-groomed and having left parked in casa.Oh problems, and of course they are willing to spend big in bed after the desktop. The friction makes the love, but also exposes the foibles, habits, fears and beliefs of the other person. And all this leads to frequent misunderstandings and even couple crisis. Not to avoid arguments, because if managed well can help them grow and empathize better, but you have to try not to judge and condemn your partner like you to know all or were perfect. Love is to understand, forgive, get into the skin of the other, accept, build bridges.

Shut up. A healthy relationship is a balance between giving and receiving. You must not shut anything that makes you feel bad, because all you will achieve will be to create a huge imaginary ball that will become increasingly heavy, like those worn by prisoners tied to the ankles in cartoons. And you’re done embittered is not good for anyone. If any habit of your spouse bothers you so much, tell (tactfully). If you think the division of housework is not fair, I talk it over with him. If you think your mother abused too often to visit them, coméntaselo. And so on. Better still if you seek a moment a week to do just that: talk, discuss, express, share views, agree.

To compete. People that life as a competition are taken can create a very stressful environment around them. So if you are always midiéndote with your partner or vice versa, coexistence will be seriously altered. The two live in tension. The racing, he lives to satisfy their need to be above. And the other, because it will always feel questioned and anxious. So if you are the person who competes, ask where they come from these desires to be the best and get recognition (perhaps you felt that your children do not valued enough unless you were “good”?) And try to heal that Children’s wound. And if you’re on the other side, try not to get into the game spend your life show that you are good enough. If both really love and not have to prove their worth. It is taken for granted.

Criticize. Many cohabiting couples who have long fall into the bad habit of criticizing each other. For everything and anything. It begins when some habits or other character traits that before you were indifferent or even liked you suddenly start to bother you. And instead of having patience and empathy, or explain to your partner how you feel, choose to keep quiet. Because you do not know how to talk to him or her without arguing, for fear that you do not understand or to fight. However, when you swallow your discomfort you end up feeling frustrated and irritable, you make unfair criticism and hints and comments that the other will hurt more than a discussion, and are building a wall of silence and resentment that away each other spears.

Losing forms. There is a Spanish saying that says “Trust disgusting”. It refers, of course, that when two or more people share the same space just aside politeness and good manners. Well, it is logical that if you take time living with your partner he will not hold the door every time you’re going to go to the kitchen and she runs like crazy to kiss you every time you walk through the door. But they should never lose respect. By the time a couple starts to be neglected and may even insulting, their marriage crumbles in an almost irreparable. We all like to treat us well, and a couple both need to feel respected and respect others, be kind because it helps a lot to maintain a fluid (and sexual desire alive!) coexistence The opposite is to their presence He is sitting, as if it were a piece of furniture. And leads, eventually, to a tense, sad and negative environment that can become a hell from which one wants to escape.

Hide feelings. There are more expressive than other couples, but they are as they are not must never forget how important it is to share your feelings. Whenever you say “I love you” strengthen their union and their decision to share life are remembered. Whenever your fears, that reveal the other their dreams or let you into their dark areas are opening their hearts to the other count. They will feel loved, accepted, understood. You will find what we all seek in love and the couple: shelter, encouragement, love. Instead, when hide their feelings build a wall that moves away from the other, sometimes very quickly. Many relationships are frustrated by not talking, not knowing how to share even trying, by choosing close, silent, swallowing.

Comparing yourself with other couples. Do you really think the neighbor’s grass is always greener? Beware of comparisons, because all you see other couples is its external image. Even if it is your brother and your partner, or your best friend and her husband, and know them well, be sure that you ignore many aspects of their privacy. Other couples may give an image of seeming perfection, but at home not stop arguing, or a woman assumes her marriage when deep down you feel unhappy because her husband does not understand. If you look at it just seems perfect and better than yours, you’re watching just one scene of the film, an image that does not reflect the whole reality. And you amargarás thinking that others are worse off than you, entering a spiral of victimhood.

What to do if the economic problems affecting your relationship

The economy and love like two things from different worlds. The first is pragmatic, the second ideal. However, within a relationship, these two elements are very close.

To what extent interfere with each other? Is the economy is able to vary the intensity of love? There are two aspects of the couple who are the pillars of power within the relationship. Sex and money. In many relationships, traditionally, it has played a confrontation of these two powers. The woman was the mistress of sex and handling, the man brought the money and administered.

Today, things have changed. The balance love, sex, money is much more equitable.

Lots of money, lots of love

This equation is easy. If there are no economic problems and no love, every relationship, in principle, should work perfectly. Nothing would distract members of the couple to enjoy outings, indulge with gifts, share interests without concern.

Much money, little love

There are times when a healthy domestic economy is not an aid relationship. It is true that money helps to be happy but not replace, in any way, to love. Love can not be bought. You can pay for sex. You can pay to have a company. You can not pay because love is not a voluntary feeling.

Love is involuntary, unexpected and often unwelcome. We fell less thoughtful people in the strangest situations. There is little money can deal with the true love.

Little money, little love?

The economic crisis that began in the US in 2007 caused many couples, married or not, faced a new challenge in their relationships. Economic hardship and money management can be the cause of many serious conflicts.

Speaking of money within the framework of the couple is very uncomfortable. But it is much healthier to talk about it and put the cards on the table. Thus there is a clear line between the practical aspect of affective. Leave this subject without speaking, especially in times of economic crisis, is the most effective way to cause an argument over money within the couple.

The current economic recession is causing that about 43% of American couples often argue about money.

The most important problem is not the obvious: the difficulty to acquire and pay for materials and livelihood assets. The problem, within couples, begins to be in the imbalance of economic power in the couple.

If one of the two becomes unemployed may feel that the other, it brings money, has the power to decide on all issues related to household finances. That’s when frictions and resentments appear.

A lot of couples hide their purchases from their partner to avoid confrontation, they begin to lie about little things that are undermining confidence and desirable openness in a relationship. The pressure for lack of money leads to problems of communication, negative stress in the family, anguish and loneliness. Result? Couple crisis.

Little money, much love

“Money comes and goes”. That has always said, and it is true. As it is a fact that an economic crisis is a problem, keep in mind that we must address the issue, not to worry.

That is, money is one of the taboo topics in the couple, but the only way that does not get in the middle of a relationship is clearly bring it to light. Talk and discuss finances openly between the two is absolutely necessary and, once made, tension disappears instantly no matter how severe the economic problem we have. The couple joined more to tackle the crisis instead of letting the crisis spread.

Pranksters at home

Among the many things shared by members of a couple are games and jokes. These also represent the degree of bonding, affection and complicity between them. But what happens when one of them makes the other a bad joke? The other partner can take it in very different ways: from a mild reproach to make to slam final goodbye to the relationship. Please note that some limits should not happen, nor let it break through, when we make jokes to our partner.

Household Tips teasers

You should always keep in mind what are the fears, phobias and fears that affect your partner are. Cross that limit may bring to both many headaches. For example, if your partner is appalled by the mere presumption of the existence of nasty insects in the kitchen, then you should not even think to alert the cries goggled on the presence of an insect when it is absorbed in the sink.

Another valid suggestion to consider is to consider the traumatic events of the past of your partner that may still be unresolved. For example, if your partner has a heightened fear of the dark do not play dress up and hide in the dark to leave their step at the right time. Some episodes of this kind have done with hospitalized patients, either by a state of nervous shock or wounds inflicted by the victim of the joke.

Much less is to make funny jokes to the couple in public. If any of its members seems funny to place a giant spider on the shoulder of her partner at a meeting of friends, you may end very badly. In general, this type of jokes aimed at ridiculing to others the couple. Sometimes, this attempt is innocent and is intended to do something fun with friends in a friendly environment. But most of these situations show the degree of perversion of one of the members of the couple to another.

Being partner also means knowing their innermost fears, fantasies and fears. Taking advantage of this situation would show that the couple is definitely broken. From the aforementioned episode of Spider on the shoulder to laugh in public situations pertaining to the privacy of the couple they represent a situation that should be cause for professional assistance.

Another way to make the difficult lives of others through teasing or harassment is to involve others in the mockery of the victim. Perhaps it may seem innocent to mention the exquisite stew sharing with friends is prepared with cat meat … knowing that the victim is an active advocate for the protection of animals. It is not, perhaps actually a disguised aggression jokingly to the interests of the victim. It is a form of cowardice and lack of arguments Joker. His lack of mettle to discuss on good terms and adult manner different viewpoints, it should be evident.

These issues should be discussed thoroughly in detail in the privacy of the couple. They require understanding of the other party and accept that there are limits that should not be crossed. If your partner is a chronic prankster and you can not take it anymore or, on the contrary, you are a prankster who has become addicted to heavy domestic jokes, the first thing you should do is sit and talk about what’s going on, why it is done and what the boundaries between what is funny and painful. If this is not enough and consider it necessary, you can get a consultation with a couples therapist to analyze the merits of a seemingly harmless subject … but it can not be.

Kama Sutra The lésbicos

The Kama Sutra is a collection of ancient texts, dating back more than 2,400 years ago and from India, dealing and specifies about human sexuality and its practices. Written by Vatsaiana (Vatsyayana), religious and writer, the Kama Sutra is actually a treaty for proper sexual behavior of men of the time, where they were talking about how choosing a mate, how to seduce, and all possible aspects in intimate relationships, according to the religious and moral opinions then. What has made him so popular as to be consulted to this day are your recommendations varied and original positions and sexual practices, illustrated in artistic images, most of them among hetero couples.

But, based on the Kama Sutra Original, different authors have published erotic works that could be considered “lesbian Kamasutras”, recreating the variety that can turn women into sexual practice among them. Here are some of those works.

Adapting recommended in the ancient Indian text sexual positions, this book recreates images and explanations of the most common steps sexuality, from seduction, masturbation and all that constitutes sexual encounter between women. This book, published in 2004, has been translated into numerous languages ​​and can be found in Spanish, translated by Laura Paredes, edited by AD Illustrated, Illustrated EDB.

This guide lesbian sexuality plays different practices of sexual love between women in 90 photographs, taken by Esperanza Moreno real couples who paid for it. But the book is not just a collection of erotic pictures, but is composed of three parts dealing concerning lesbians, both in their social reality as sexual. It is responsible, delving into each topic, the psychologist from the University of Granada Paloma Ruiz, creator of the web, which receives daily inquiries multitude of his many followers. In his book, Paloma and Esperanza say it is “a guide for creative lovers”. It was published by Editorial Egales in 2008.

Controversial book, much sought after as criticized by lesbian, introduced in 2004 with the publishing Martínez Roca, as “the first lesbian Kamasutra” and subtitled “To live sexuality in freedom.” The author, Alicia Gallotti, is a writer, journalist and specialist in human sexuality. He has written several books on erotic themes, as the latest, 69 essential secrets to enjoy sex, Sex and Tantra or, of course, his collection based on the Kama Sutra, where every sexual orientation dedicated to books are. However, this modern and personal version of the ancient erotic texts for lesbians, they have left serious detractors who accuse the work of some expert, clichés and ignore lesbian tastes firsthand. Possibly in sexual matters can not approach the theory into practice, so that, despite its high levels of sales, book Gallotti disappoint some women with other expectations. In its 5th edition, this book was published by Editorial Planeta Group.

Add to list this book that gives a new vision of female sexuality to women themselves. Tantric sex is versed in the most ancient traditions of India, and teaches how to relax to fully enjoy sexuality, living female orgasm and pleasure to reconnect with what one wants. Diana Richardson, a researcher with over twenty years of experience in the study and practice of tantric techniques, used to show how to reach orgasm from consciousness and female sensuality, whatever the form of sexual practice, also among women . Gulaab published by the publishing house, in 2004, it included at the end of each chapter contains instructions for meditation and tantric to learn these methods of attachment of the physical and the spiritual exercises, through sexual enjoyment.

10 errors that should not commit to seduce a woman

What is it that makes a man seductive? Some leave them alone, because squander natural charm even without trying. Others have learned to enhance their sex appeal. Perhaps they are not the most handsome, but they know how to press the desire in a woman.

If you strive to be attractive or you follow the rules to become a conqueror, and yet all the fish escape from your networks, maybe you’re making any (or many) of the errors described below. So take note of these tips on how not to seduce the female. At least if your goal is to ignite the spark of passion in a wonderful woman, and do not settle for a one-night stand.

Make it interesting. I mean, talk about your fascinating job, your car, you do travel, adventure sports in which you are a champion … Too much information. You should know that the golden rule of good seducer is to listen, rather than talk about more.

Mentioning other women. If you intend to win, forget to remove another in conversation or read their text messages play on the phone with enigmatic face while you’re talking to the woman you want to seduce. The most benevolent will think of you is that you are a conceited.

Compulsively call or send messages. Attention flatters women, but the obsessive attention gets just the opposite. All your insecurities will be uncovered, and she’ll think you’re weak and needy. You can even mark yourself as a psychopath, because you do not know you well.

Presuming too much on social networks. Photos bare-chested, wearing happiness at the beach, enjoying all the parties, always smiling and posing as if you lived in an ideal world … Relax: just get sound too presumptuous and conceited.

Touch too soon. It is true that body contact makes women know you are interested in them. But if you touch too soon or inappropriately you will convey anxiety and the feeling that only want to have sex with her. The worst thing is that she will realize that it will not even be good sex because the man playing too soon eagerly shows a lack of self-control and a lack of knowledge of female psychology.

Get drunk. If you are very shy, turn to alcohol to desinhibirte can give result … if you limit yourself to a dram. The boundary is crossed once and it is not sexy for a woman to have a drunk on top.

Being overly helpful. They say that women do not like nice guys. It is not true, because every woman with self-esteem in place likes to be treated well … but not to drag their feet. Do not be a submissive attitude. They like masculine men, able to decide for themselves and maintain their opinion.

Avoid eye contact. So annoying is that you drilled with eyes like you do not look. If your problem is shyness, she practices with a trusted friend or learn relaxation techniques before approaching a stranger. If you’re interested but do not look someone in the eyes send a confusing message and the other person will not trust you.

Go bad boy. You will definitely get them interested in you, but remember that similar energies attract: do not get interested in a woman at peace with herself, happy and sensual, but someone who is not very much wants herself and who your attitude unbalance more .

Fix too. Of course hygiene and personal care are essential to make a good impression, but also passes you. If you’re well groomed look like too perfectionist, someone who does not tolerate mistakes and requires the other the same concern for appearances. Or worse, a man who spends more time grooming her. Too much stress for the start of a flirtation.

Famous lesbians and their flamboyant 50

It is found that the median age today, continues until very close to 70 years of age. If not considered so chronologically, it is true in practice since, people take a few years old in what Carl Jung called rightly “the evening of life” prove to be in full power, beautiful, athletic and vital. And if you do not believe me, repaired in the following examples of famous lesbians of different professional disciplines they are still the most attractive, transfixed and fifty of their lives.

Actress, specializing in music and comedy. Known for her television work, including Best in Show, The L Word, iCarly, and many others in a long career. He participated in numerous theater tours with The Second City comedy troupe. He has not hidden her lesbianism, and married in 2010 with Lara Embry, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, although in 2013 they announced their separation. Jane Lynch has two daughters. Now, at fifty-three years of superbly taken age, his role in the musical series Glee, has brought him new fame, an Emmy (2010) and the Golden Globe for best actress in comedy, in 2011 .

Undoubtedly one of the most popular US as a presenter, actress and comedian, long career in television and popular face in pro-equality advocates lesbians. Presenter twice Emmy Awards, won them several times between 2004 to 2006, for his famous The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in 1997 he had won as best comedy script for an episode of the Ellen show. Although his popularity recognized lesbianism and have brought many troubles and was about to lose his brilliant career, Ellen has always remained strong and consistent with his personality. Since 2004, lives with her partner Portia Rossi, also known television actress. Ellen, fifty-five, remains the benchmark for the voice of American lesbians.

Alicia Christian Foster, known as Jodie Foster, went from being the child prodigy of television series and a famous actress. His first success was in the role of a very young prostitute in Taxi Driver (1976), when he was only 13 years old. That performance was first nominated for an Oscar. His brilliant and multifaceted career has he procured him a huge amount of awards, including four Oscars and six Golden Globes. Very discreet about his private life, Jodie Foster never made statements but did not hide his relationship with Cydney Bernard, who lived from 1992 to 2008. Despite this breakdown in the delivery of the Golden Globes 2013 Jodie wanted to point his eternal friendship with Cydney thanking him for his constant presence and help to care for their two children. In that speech, the actress also made clear their sexual orientation openly acknowledged for the first time and despite rumors for years. Beautiful at fifty-one, his last film appearance was in Elysium, a futuristic film.

Only after naturalized American in 1981, this world famous tennis player dared to reveal their sexual orientation. Nine times champion of Wimbledon and earned many awards internationally for many years, suffered the stigma of his own family in their home country, Czechoslovakia, when he knew she was a lesbian with only eighteen. The fear of losing his brilliant career, kept in the closet until he decided to deal publicly his personal reality. From 1983 to 1991, Martina Navratilova lived as a couple with Judy Nelson, who ended up separating amid a series of lawsuits that made be on the covers of various media. He has written several books and is shown as an advocate for gay rights, disadvantaged children and animals in various events and presentations, as a collaborator with various humanitarian organizations. Derived from his altruistic work, she received the award from Human Rights Campaign in 2002. In 2010, his health suffered a serious setback to detectársele breast cancer, which fortunately seems to have emerged victorious, at 57 years age.

There are many other examples of great women, professionals, lesbian and beautiful the more than fifty years. Possibly, if you’re not famous, among them you can find you.