10 men who do not agree if you are looking for a serious relationship

If you’re single and want to find a man with whom to have a common future, it is time you learned to select very well who you give your energy and your attention. It is important to learn to recognize when a man is ready for a relationship. But I do not know if you do previous work to rid your life relationships or friendships are not going to lead to a committed relationship before.

Thus, before becoming the “target” of men who are available, start by learning to identify those who are not. You will avoid many tears, suffering and loss of time and energy. These are the 10 men who do not agree if you are looking for a serious relationship

1. The newly divorced. It will only talk to your ex or compare yourself with her in silence. Want you to be their cry on or a sexual partner, but after put away with the excuse that still has not recovered.

2. who divorced a year ago. It is not yet cured and will treat you like a friend or asexual like a praying mantis (in your imagination) wants to devour him. Both extremes are quite unpleasant for a fabulous woman wanting to mate.

3. supposedly unhappy married. You know, you’re going to drink with him after work and without realizing it, you find yourself hearing that his wife did not listen nor understand, but you’re different. This scene is a classic, but beware: even if you think not, if he is attractive, takes you to dinner at a fancy place and you overdo it with wine, can fall spellbound. The downside is that you could stay trapped in the status of “the other” during the best years of your life.

4. The aged in crisis. This stage is dangerous because it is redefining its values ​​and lifestyle, and maybe when you leave the darkness has decided he wants to renew his life completely, including the couple. You will be part of the old and leave you lying for him not remember. Go away before!

5. The man who tells you he is not ready or do not know what he wants. Always remember that they are very clear and direct when speaking. What they say is what they mean. The problem is that we hear what we want, or think silently and change them.

6. The female man. Beware of “sensitive” or “artists” who only seek you give them something (love, understanding, hot food, sex) but they give nothing in return men. This is a childish behavior will be very frustrating. Children receive and make mischief, while the real men give, provide and protect.

7. The one who “loves you” but “is not in love with you”. It is clearly telling you that he cares, but sees you as a friend because he does not wake up in romantic feelings. The best thing to do is give up and find what you need elsewhere.

8. The workaholic. It has no time for romance because he is busy building his career. This can be very frustrating if successful and money in your work, because you’ll be ready to create a home and he will attack you tantalizingly close … but just to leave you starving.

9. The eternal teenager. It’s sexy, unpredictable, sassy … Ah, the lure of boy toy. But do not look for him to have a romantic relationship. It’s great as a lover because you will return the excitement of adolescence, but disastrous as a couple.

10. Don Juan. Words have the ability to seduce women, men and seducers know very well. But do not believe the nice words if they are not accompanied by action. This kind of men who give ear and then not act daffodils are those who love to hear themselves, but they have no slightest intention to fulfill their promises.