10 reasons to know what you want in love

When you have clear what your needs and preferences, your weaknesses and your strengths, what nourishes you and what weakens you, then you can choose the type of man who suits you.

From that moment you take your power and begin to take control of your love life. Reduces much the chances of mistakes, suffering, end up alone or breaking your partners. So take note of these 10 reasons to know what you want in love.

1. He will reflect. Relationships are a mirror that shows us many things about ourselves. If you are willing to face what he can reflect you, the relationship will help you to know yourself, to mature and to love maturely. That is the opposite to flee privacy.

2. Complaining is useless. It is a momentary relief, but does not solve the problem. If you’re unhappy at his side, better you stop wasting energy on negativity and start using it to find a way out of this relationship, and ask to recover better life.

3. You feel powerful. When you do not know what you want or do not feel worthy of love, you tend to make do with the first one that flatters you (because it makes you feel wanted) to be too complacent (for fear of being alone or assert yourself) or accept the unacceptable ( because, deep down, you do not think you can be with someone who treats you well). Ugh, think of the pleasure to get rid of all that!

4. You get what you give. All relationships are difficult times, but if you’re getting too much of what you do not, you should ask yourself what you are providing. Are not you give Exiges what? Are you too critical of your partner? Do you intend to change because basically do not like how it is?

5. I act like a victim. When you know what you want, you can not spend your life regretting that you have not satisfy you. Complaining is easier to change, and why many people become eternal victims … But that attitude kill your self esteem and your power. And I really do not want that?

6. You yourself. Ah, relax! Not have to pretend, nor torture diets or judgments about your personality. Stop silence or repress your thoughts for fear of not liking. Nothing can compare with the peace and wellbeing you feel when you show yourself as you are. Try it and see that you can not go back.

7. You stop repeating patterns. If until now Like all relationships ended, or your partners were suspiciously similar, it was because you were acting driven by unconscious desires or beliefs that you adopted when you were a child. The moment you stop to analyze these patterns, throw light on your behavior and you’ll never repeat it blindly.

8. You let out of his male role. Remember that men, even in the twenty-first century, often not allowed to stay in touch with their emotions and inner world. For them, meet a woman he can put aside the character hard put to survive in the workplace or their cronies is a relief. And when you’re free, assertive and honest, you’re inviting that he also is.

9. You learn to be happy alone. For a woman who knows what she wants she shows that it is strong enough to take charge of your life. And it will not become a helpless princess who puts his life between brackets until it reaches a prince. No. You’re happy with yourself and your life. What happens is that you would love to appear a wonderful man you multiply that happiness.

10. You open yourself to the best. In life you have to learn to say “no” to what we do not want to make way for the “yes” crave. Saying “no” to a couple that are not happy is a gesture that requires strength and faith. You think you’ll be rewarded with the gift of inner peace and that will lead you to meet someone really be happy.