10 Signs You’re with the wrong man

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find one that turns into a prince … All relationships teach us something and give us good things, if we can identify and learn the lessons that bring us. But it is equally important to recognize the signs that are immersed in a toxic relationship that is better leave.

If you identify with many of those in this list, it is good to reflect on why you’re still with your partner when it does not make you happy. Maybe you do not feel unlovable and believe that if you give much get the same in return, or you do not look able to be happy being single.

1. Live your side is like being on a roller coaster rise. You awake intense or extreme emotions. In some cases, anger and frustration. In others, what prevails is the instability, the sense of danger that something bad will happen. Peace and serenity conspicuous by their absence.

2. You’re focusing on him, but he was not in you. You’re not the priority in your life, and even occupy a prominent place. Squander your energy taking charge of him because he is an irresponsible, or you’re always leaving your plans on hold and adapting your schedule to yours because you never know when you’ll want to do things.

3. You feel overly happy with it and when not buried with you. This happens when you’re with a “bad boy” playing with your needs and does its best to keep you in your life the way that it suits him, but without giving attention and love you need.

4. Either you feel bored, unmotivated, as if you had the energy or drain you. It’s the feeling that prevails when you are with a partner with whom you do not connect body and soul, and what unites them is the emotional dependence, fear to be free or skipping social conventions.

5. The relationship with him hurts you and the bottom of your heart you know that makes no sense or future, but do not recognize it aloud because you’re afraid to talk about it go on issues surface very painful that you fear. Those around you, especially your best friends, they also know you’re in the wrong relationship.

6. You have to make a constant effort to fit with him and make things happen. Disagreements are more frequent than the moments of happiness and harmony, although these also exist.

7. In other cases, it is he who overexert by nice resultarte, and that irritates you, choking, kills your desire and your sense of freedom.

8. The relationship with him is like others that have had before. patterns of behavior and conflicts that have already experienced in the past are repeated. We would like to take this opportunity to resolve these conflicts and permanently close old wounds with it, but can not find the way.

9. Being together does not make them grow. As much as you strive not you manage to awaken his tenderness or a genuine desire to make you happy. And you he does not admire or you really want. In any case, you’re in love with an idealized image of him and you can not help wishing to change because, really, do not like how it is.

10. You have a sense of lack, sadness, helplessness … however much is dotted with happy moments or the relationship has great things such as sexual chemistry.