10 surefire tips to keep your wife in love

The word wife and conditions mentally. It seems that a bride must not lose Love But once married, is handcuffed to her husband and therefore safe.

Not continue wooing and romancing the woman beside you is a very common error. Too. But here you have ten invincible pining for her to follow when you go and you think tips.

1. Kiss her. By surprise, because, because you feel like caressing her lips, because it has a delicious neck, because it is cute, because he has the chin inky, because your profile is clipped beautiful in the evening, because it is funny, sexy, sweet, angry . Kiss her when you least expect.

2. Smile. When she is present smile at her. Your happy look is the mirror in which she looks. If you smile, she will know that you enjoy her and, in turn, will smile when he sees you. Without any effort the energy of the moment becomes positive, and that helps in all aspects.

3. Agasájala. Cooking for her occasionally, give her a detail, prepares a romantic getaway, give a massage. Think about that she enjoys so much and make it happen. The magic is not in the movies, is in everyday life.

4. Listen to her. Yes, she appreciated that the listen attentively and truth. You need to share with you what happens to him and what he dreams. Knowing that pay attention makes her feel very special. Look into her eyes when you speak, you know you’re really there.

5. Share with her. Do not let your stuff outside. No need to make you a detailed summary of your work day, but you can talk to her about what you’re doing, projects, your concerns and fears. She wants to be aware of what happens to you, do not confuse marriage with paternity, take care not hide things.

6. Seducing. Do you want your partner you want and feel like you? Make her feel desired. She knows how much you want to lose her curves and her kisses. Tell ear desire you have to caress your skin and how much it excites you think of it when dressing or undressing, for example. It will not be long before you’re enjoying your side a good session of intimacy.

7. Surprise her. It is likely to have a smartphone. Why not use it to Whatsappearla her? Send him a picture of where you are, a kiss, tararéale a song, do sexting with your partner jokes. What appear at home with a good bottle of wine and dinner in a box? And how you see slide under his pillow a piece of very delicate and sexy lingerie? Are you an animal lover? You remember that puppy he wants so long ago? If you are a hidden talent … why do not you write something for her, just for her?

8. Show yourself proud of her. Take advantage of the chances you have to show the world (and to) you’re proud to be your partner. She praises him in front of family and friends (without being cloying or heavy). Submit in your circle of work if given the chance and be affectionate gestures, but not exaggerated, in public with her. Shake hands, move your arm around her shoulders, gently link your waist are always things she will love as they are at the right stage.

9. Accept what she loves. Although it is something that you do not like. You can disagree with it, but with respect. Do you like soap operas and you’ll look a fright? Nobody forces you to see them, read a book in the meantime, or sit beside her on the couch while you check your e-mails.

10. Say “I love you”. Needless to say it all the time, it is not necessary. But I tell him. Tell a way that is unobjectionable your love, she feels that those two words would pierce his chest, look at her when you say it. I escríbeselo. simple note leave a note in his empty cup breakfast. “I love you”. No fault. He’ll smile all day.