10 Things (nonsexual) you can do to improve your relationship

Buy lingerie or makeup carefully make your partner look beautiful and seductive, but there are other things you can do to pamper your relationship, and do not go through “doing couples therapy” or “make an effort to keep the lit spark.” We tell you 10 things (nonsexual) you can do to improve your relationship.

1. Enjoy nature. A stressed person is not sexy. And also, the concerns and burdens libido left in tatters. A trip to the beach or forest or just a walk in the park with your pet and a good book you again connect with the earth and with your feminine energy. This will give out of your head and to feel your body, the lush vegetation, the smell of wet earth, the beauty of autumn trees. And that sensuality will stay on you.

2. Get impregnated of romanticism. To prevent routines and small matters of everyday life are all that occupies your mind, give yourself time to escape to the movies alone and watch a movie of love, or to spend an afternoon in a cafe reading a romance novel.

3. Exercise. First, because you will feel healthier and attractive. And second, because it is ideal to undo the tensions, including those created because of coexistence. Take a deep breath … and release.

4. Play the mirror. Try on all your clothes, invents new sets, free yourself of those garments that you are narrow or large, that make you feel transported off or you bitter memories. Put on makeup, get all the lingerie photos yourself … Have fun with your image. You’ll feel much more sexy and sure of yourself when you go to choose what to wear.

5. Go travel alone or with friends, for the pleasure of enjoying your leisure without having to reach consensus on all decisions or adapt your schedule to your partner. Put a healthy distance … to miss him and be looking forward to tell all the things that have happened during your fantastic trip.

6. Have a soulmate, someone to talk about your relationship with whom to mourn, laugh and let off steam, and that when women share with you the conversations that a man is not interested. And have a good male friend, it is very healthy to talk to someone of the other sex and understand their processes and their way of thinking, without the pressure that occurs when it comes to your partner. Talk to him about sex and feelings and then listen to what he tell you about it, because both learn a lot.

7. Review your old photos. Grab a cup of tea and sit in a comfortable chair to watch your old albums. Transport yourself to another time in your life when your partner had not yet entered the scene. Revives dreams of that young girl who had life ahead and longed to meet her man. Rejoice for all your successes, experiences, meetings … and especially to have found this love. You will close the album valuing its presence in your life.

8. Get a massage. Is excellent for relieving tensions of body and mind, undo contractures that result from poor posture or stress. And it’s a wonderful tool to return attention to the body and its sensations, which make you feel more present, lighter, more willing to embrace your sensuality and your partner, to enjoy the intimate relationship.

9. Notes to other couples. Lie down on the couch to watch a reality for families or couples, and learn from the advice of advisors while enjoying the pleasure of sneaking into other lives and compare them with yours. This does not hurt anyone and allow you to realize that, behind closed doors, we all have our quirks, foibles and problems, and life has nothing to do with the postcards of perfect happiness showing magazines or Hollywood movies . Long live the imperfection!

10. Cultivate a hobby. Do something you’re passionate about, and if possible involving physical labor: sweet cooking, gardening, ice skating … All this will separate your head from the problems, negativity and concerns. And even temptations. So give yourself to your passion (and be glad if your partner also has a hobby).