10 tips for success in the online romance

The online dating or dating via the internet is a game that has its own rules. Follow multiplies the chances of finding someone special.

Here, 10 tips aimed at men and women to succeed in the online romance.

Tips for them

· Be kind. One of the most common complaints of the guys is that, usually, they are somewhat unfriendly. And they do not understand why. If you’re on a site online dating it is to meet someone, and therefore makes no sense to pretend you’re above all others and that you could find a boyfriend on the street just snap your fingers. That attitude is inconsistent and does not work. And it’s not sexy (unless you want to attract a female addict difficult man).

· Be proactive. If you see a man you like, write. You do not think you think you’re desperate. They flatters them to address them if with grace and femininity. Anyway, keep a little mystery in your exchanges.

· Choose. When a woman joins a site like this, quickly received many messages, arrows and invitations to chat. But that does not mean that the men you send them you find interesting. Even if you flatter his attentions and gallant words, it is better not waste time (yours and his) chatting with them when you know you are not going to get anywhere. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to find someone you really like.

· Trust your intuition. For example if he does not convince you that your messages are not consistent with the description of their profile. Or if it looks nice in the photos but it seems to be a “bad guy”. Let it also be at if you have traits that remind you dangerously toxic to your list of boyfriends. There are many more fish in the sea.

Tips for them

· Post a recent photo. Attention, gentlemen, many women complain that when they are with their virtual suitor, looks nothing like the picture. If you want to avoid disappointment find a face (or worse, she does not say anything but after the first date disappear forever) forget to put a photo of five years. If you’re going bald or lost your abs how … deal with it. That’s you and resultarás much more attractive if you are not ashamed of it.

· Do not lie. Remember that women are very sensitive in this regard. That is, most of them assume that men will contact her to lie to them. And although we all say a lie at first, if you want to find girlfriend is better not play with aspects as important as your marital status, whether you have kids or you work.

· Do not insist. If a woman does not respond to your message or even greets you in the chat, it is clearly not interested in you. Do not try to convince her that you’re great or try to earn it by flatteries. Women do not seem them nothing sexy men who beg and debase by them without knowing anything.

· Do not boast. If you are looking for a real relationship with a really interesting woman, do not act as a narcissistic self-centered. No pictures with your sports amazing, give details of how much you make a year or dropping the names of the exclusive clubs that you go. All this will only work if you are looking for an adventure. In that case, go ahead.

Tips for both sexes

· Do not ever online relationships. Virtual relationships feed fantasies, and they can lead you to believe you’ve found the love of your life. And that’s dangerous. Internet serves to make contact with someone, but the next step is to know personally.

· Do not take it personally. If someone sends you five arrows and when you finally send a “hello” does not respond … do not give more importance. Most likely to send arrows 10 others and one of them has responded before you. Even if after a first date you do not know anything more than he or she did not downfalls your alleged defects or imperfections. They do not know thoroughly, therefore they can not reject you.