10 Women traits that irritate men

If you’ve ever wondered what went wrong with that boyfriend and can not find explanation. If you think you know what things they like and dislike men and when you least expect him away from you and do not understand why … Read on!

Let’s talk about the 10 female behaviors that most infuriate men and make them off, look for another woman or become cold and distant.

The “we need to talk”. They sound them threatening, ambiguous and dangerous. They see a flashing sign “reproach in sight” and put on the defensive, because they sense that they are going to fall on a barrage of recriminations for things they have done wrong for years.

Badmouth yourself. That is, criticize you for everything, comparing yourself with other women (and always bad) and desvalorizarte. No mendigues approval to stop feeling insecure, neither do thou uncomfortable questions like “Am I fat?” Just get him see you as someone who does not have self-confidence, and that’s nothing sexy.

Continuous reproach. Bitterness, sarcasm and demand as ways to communicate with men do not work. If you need to say something, do it by talking about how you feel about their behavior, trying to be honest and vulnerable if you also want him to be as you. If you start with the “You are …” But this will only end up feeling that attacked.

The lack of clarity. Reply “me nothing happens” when you ask why you’re so rare, and then make the offended. Saying “I do not want gifts for Valentine” and get angry when you do not buy anything … Men do feel terrible, they do not know what goes through your head. If you believe when you say these things, you become upset. And then not know what to do or how to please. Solution: stop trying to guess you.

Make the princess. All women like us that make us feel special. And of course if he wants to conquer or already in love with you, you have romantic details. But beware, do not overdo it and pretend that he (and the world in general) treat you as if you were a more important higher being than other women or unable to do anything alone. The role of superhero just tired!

Treat him as your best friend. So, pretend to accompany you shopping all afternoon and also feel excited. To sit with you for hours to analyze the behavior of your friends in common. Is continuously in contact with you either talking, email or whatsapp. Remember that, however much you want, he is a man and behaves differently. Also, do not you think that all this is much more fun to do with your friends?

Become obsessive. Surely he will thank you to take care of the housework even though I know perfectly that are about two. Moreover, perhaps not even realize that you do everything and it will simplify your life. But things change when you become a maniacal cleanliness and order, and you shout for laying on the couch with his feet on the table. Bitterly wonder where he’s gone that funny, sensual, carefree, sexy girl …

Neglecting your appearance. No, they do not expect you to have a perfect physique or you look like the girls in magazines for men. They know that those photos are retouched to create an illusion. But we do expect you to wear pretty, you take care of yourself, you’re educated. Someone who can be proud of in public. Yes, appearances matter to them in this case.

Behave as if you were his mother. Beware that trend as women wanted to look after him. To mark schedules, change clothes, prepare food to be fed healthily, etc. You do it for your sake and your best intentions, but he starts to feel like a child and seeing you as a mother. So do not complain if your sex life is going to hell …

Try “domesticarle”. Take good note, because this is, by far, the most irritating to men and cause you to stay away from you: do not try to change, shape their behavior to suit what you think, try to leave their dreams and their friends, to stop being himself. You will pay dearly, because either you anular├ís him as a person and you earn your eternal grudge (although apparently it seems that adores), or you leave and make sure not to be with a woman like you. You also come out losing: instead of a partner will have at your side a “son” … or you’ll be alone and still you wonder why, with all you did for him.