15 love quotes Pope Francisco

Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio is from 2013 to the present Pope of the Catholic Church and the first from the Americas. With his speech fresh, unprejudiced and above all faithful to the essence of the message of Jesus it has not only won the hearts of many faithful, but also of millions of people stayed away from Catholicism in recent times.

We reviewed 15 Pope Francisco inspirational phrases about love, compassion, heart, feelings, tenderness …

Let us ask the Lord to make us understand the law of love. How good it is to have this law! How much good we do love each other against all!

God is not hidden to those who seek him with a sincere heart, even if they do groping, imprecise and diffuse.

The family is in deep cultural crisis. Marriage tends to be seen as a mere form of emotional gratification. But their contribution to society exceeds the level of emotionality. Marriage does not come from fleeting feeling of love, but a union of all life.

Love away from ideologies.

Coexistence is an art, a patient, beautiful and fascinating path that has rules that can be summarized in three words: Can I ?, Thanks, sorry.

May l? It is the polite request to enter the life of someone else with respect and attention. True love is not imposed with toughness and aggressiveness. San Francisco said: “Courtesy is the sister of charity, which keeps off hatred and love.” And today, in our families, in our world, often violent and arrogant, it takes a lot of courtesy.

Thank you. Gratitude is an important feeling Do we thank ?: In your relationship now and in your future married life, it is important to keep the awareness that the other person is a gift of God … and live the gifts of God says “Thank you”. It is not a friendly to use with strangers, to be polite word. You have to know say thanks to walk together.

Forgives. In life we ​​make many mistakes, so many times we’re wrong … All. Hence the need to use this word so simple: “Sorry”. In general, each of us is willing to accuse the other to justify. It is an instinct that is the source of many disasters. We learn to recognize our mistakes and apologize.

You have to live with joy the little things of everyday life. Do not deprive yourself of having a good day.

It is important to ask whether it is possible to love each other “forever”. Today many people are afraid to make definitive decisions, for life, because it seems impossible … and this mentality leads many who are preparing for marriage to say: “We are together until last us love.” But what do we mean by love? Just a feeling, a psycho-physical condition? Certainly, if so, you can not build on it anything solid.

If love is a relationship, then it is a reality that grows and we can also say, for example, which is built like a house. And the house is built in the company, not alone! Not want to build on the sand of the feelings that come and go, but on the rock of true love, the love that comes from God. The family born from this project of love that wants to grow as a house is built: it place of affection, help and hope.

Tenderness is not the virtue of the weak, but rather the opposite: denotes fortitude and ability to care, compassion, true openness to others, of love.

Those who love with all his being, still full of weaknesses and limits, are flying with lightness, free of influences and pressures.

As much as it destroyed, the power of love as always resurrects service. Its source is beyond any human indication, it is the loving fatherhood source, unattainable and unquestionable God.

We should not be afraid of kindness and tenderness.