20 phrases love Wayne Dyer

The teacher, writer, speaker and American psychologist Wayne Dyer (Michigan, United States, 1940) is, along with figures like Louise Hay, one of the main drivers of positive thinking in our times. His books, including Your Erroneous Zones, Your Destiny, The strength of believing or The Power of Intention, are true “pills” of enthusiasm, spirituality, compassion and ultimately, love. Dyer councils are directed to empower readers through faith in themselves and in a higher power, always relying on the strength of heart and love that resides within us.

Here are 20 of his most inspiring sentences

Love is a frequency with which you can tune in, just as you tune a frequency on the radio.

Death being such a proposal and eternal life so incredibly short, ask yourself: Should I avoid doing things I really want to do? Be happy, to live effectively and efficiently and love are better and more important goals.

Approaching another person with love in the heart, without asking for anything but only offering that love, we create miraculous relations.

Be full of love for everyone. Observe the unfolding of God in every person you meet, even those who have been taught to reject.

It is easy to love certain people. The real test is to love someone unlovable. Send love to all your enemies.

Da simply by giving and let circulate since returning.

If you find someone whose soul is not in line with yours, send love and go your way.

All great masters have left us a similar message. Come in, discover your invisible being larger and knows God as love that is within you.

I fill it with love and will project in the world. The way others treat me is part of their behavior, the way I react, is part of mine.

The Universe offers plenty when you are in a state of gratitude.

In each of us there is room for love, if we let it go.

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of abundance in your life.

Instead of being against evil, always put in favor of love.

Your friends are the way God has to apologize for your family.

When you love and you respect yourself, someone’s disapproval is nothing to be feared or avoided.

You believe that things or people make you unhappy, but that’s not true: you get yourself unhappy.

Love is the ability and awareness allow those who want to be what they themselves decide, without pretending that satisfy you.

Until you learn to forgive you will be trapped emotionally and physically.

If you spend all your meditations to love and put love in each situation and every person that you meet, and even more, if you extend that love for all people who inhabit the planet and the infinity of the universe, you feel that you become a different person. You will sleep more deeply. You’ll feel at peace almost at all times. Your relationships will be more spiritual.

You are the one who determines your worth without having to answer to anyone. And your own value itself is a fact that has nothing to do with your behavior and your feelings.