5 Things that adult women no longer do for your partner

Live an unforgettable love or passion is one of the most beautiful sensations you can feel a woman. However, sometimes that state of romantic rapture has led us to take actions or acts of which we later regret. But never mind that now, what’s done can not be undone. You’re an adult, successful and focused woman. That’s what makes the difference with yesterday. We tell you five things you may have done in your youth but as an adult and with his feet on the ground you’ll never repeat it?

Get a tattoo

We refer to tattoos, for the love present. Consider that it is not necessary to show all your love by entering your name, face or other distinctive detail on your skin. You have learned that tattoos always last much longer than love and tomorrow you might encounter an uncomfortable memory embedded in your skin. Come on, you know there are many more ways to show love that burned the skin with indelible ink.

Modify your behavior patterns

I was pretty sorry become vegetarian because your love was. But now you have very clear what benefits you and what not. If you adopt a new way of feed, to dress or just change your tastes, will be figments of your inner transformation and not because he likes or prompted. Can you imagine eating tons of roast why only asks you to accompany?

You’re not a fairy godmother

One of the difficulties encountered when successful women relate in its economy and s feel obliged to take care of all expenses. You will remember that when you came to dinner with your former love or undertook a trip you were you who bear all expenses made. But you know you’re not a fairy godmother who solves everything with a touch of his magic wand (checkbook). Now you know enjoy a night out or walk he has invited you taking care of the expenses.

sexual experimentation

You have come a long way, woman. You have known and experienced many things and have formed an idea of ​​the things that make you well, you like and what not. It’s okay to be open to new sensations but not impositions. If your partner has some sexual preferences that you do not like or do not give you pleasure you know say no. Nobody can force you to induce you or situations that do not please them.

Your body changes

It is very important to understand and adapt to physical changes in the couple. It is a slow process of getting used to not as sexy of each part. If he intends to make you a grueling night of giddy love you know before you sleep. Talk about it with him if you do not understand. Tell him you know what your limitations are and that love is reflected in many different ways that collegiate competitions. It is as if inviting you to long days of hiking in the mountains or forests or unconscionable efforts. You already know to say no, you wait for his return.

There are moments in the life of a woman who no longer do a few things for love. Sweet traces of living in our bodies tell us about balances. Adapt to our reality makes us more interesting, stronger and more desirable. If your side who is truly loves you, you will understand and contain your new way of being a woman.