6 Advantages of choosing the good guy

Many women feel an irresistible attraction for the bad guys while they are young. They are often sexy, adventurous, funny, charismatic, charming … And although just revealing its dark side, being with them makes one feel alive. Well, when you’re twenty you know you meet more men and you still have much time left before considering such things as a family. So why not enjoy?

But there comes a time in life when many of these women get tired. Of those guys that just as exciting resulting exhausting, sources of problems and imbalance.

And then it is when they start to notice other man. Let’s call him “the good guy”. Yeah, that in principle they may seem less sexy, more boring, more predictable and in full hormonal madness of adolescence never did case. Precisely that is the right man to consider a stable relationship, a family, have children.

And you, you’re still not sure which one do you prefer? Well here are some arguments that will convince you.

Your life becomes quiet. If what you want is the constant flutter of butterflies in your stomach, this argument will convince. But if you are tired of feeling that you live in a permanent roller coaster, you’ll eternally grateful that feeling of, say, be quiet with a delicious tea in your living room reading your novel favorite love while it was raining and thundering.

Stop pretending. When you are with a person you do not agree, a part of you he is always trying to convince, impress, change. But when your partner accepts you as you are from the beginning, and not have to spend a huge amount of energy in pretending to be what you are not. You can dedicate yourself to the opposite: be yourself, realize your dreams and goals, to be authentic. And that, of course, requires a lot of courage.

You grow as a person. Some use toxic relationships as an excuse or cover because they think they deserve love or do not feel able to commit. When you’re with a man who does not make you emotional blackmail or you absorb the energy, there is no hiding possible. Toca mature, grow, take on who you are, with your lights and your shadows. Commit, choose, resign.

You are surprised. Perhaps you still believe, like when you were young, those good guys are very boring. Well, it is true that probably never will star in the film, but do not underestimate them. A shy or just discreet and modest man can hide many more virtues than you imagine, and become more complex and interesting than those conceited guys who like to show off. If you let it, gradually it will open.

Discover the pleasure of slow love. If the “bad boy” your life was going a mile a minute, with the “good guy” you will go to cruising speed. You can enjoy the scenery, the nuances and details. You will not go from laughter to tears in a single day (although not think I never discuss it with him!) or you’ll end up feeling dizzy from running.

Do you feel better. Because he tells you how beautiful she sees you and tells you what really (not to look like a gallant knight or to get something from you). You say you are sensitive, intelligent, good person and much more. And if you do not say it in words, you demonstrated with his actions, which ultimately is what really counts.