6 errors that can end your love affair

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Having a couple who love you and that belongs to us gives us joy, fulfillment and peace of mind. But it is important to take care of that feeling so intense not become the only thing we give importance, thus neglecting other fundamental aspects of life and equally necessary to our happiness.

Let’s review those errors, in the heat of infatuation, can make your relationship ends touched and even depressed.

Put ahead of everything. Of course he has become one of the most important people in your life, but thinks it is not the only one. Your parents, your children if you have them, your close friends … They were there before your partner love you, trust you and do not deserve to be relegues forgotten or stop having them as if you no longer serve as utility. He thinks that if your relationship ends, they will be the pillars that hold you arms and comfort you … unless you feel so disappointed by your behavior that are gone away from you.

Become need. A good couple functions as a team where decisions are joint and experiences are shared, but try not to miss on your partner to the point of forgetting that you are a free and independent person. Or you should be, because that will benefit the relationship. Surely your partner fell in love with your personality and way of doing things. Try not to lose, because then you would become a burden to him and also lose your essence.

Spend all the time together. Modern life does not allow many people just enjoy the free time, and understandably you want to spend your leisure time with your partner, the person you most like to be. But beware, because however much they want, he can not meet all your emotional needs or occupy the space that corresponds to all these other important people in your life. Spending too much time together can impoverish rather than nurture.

Stop being yourself. Maybe you spent many years alone or in unhappy relationships before meeting him, and now you feel full doing things that previously you were allowing or could not do because you had an accomplice who enjoy them. That’s great, but it is important to know distinguish between what you really want to do and what you do just to please your partner (and practice with it a sport that you do not like) or because you think he will want and want more ( for example, change your clothing style).

Trying to impress. Undoubtedly, the beginning of a relationship do everything necessary to show our best (and sexiest) face. new clothes, hair removal, clean nails, perfect haircut, etc. And dinners at chic restaurants, drinks in local fashion, high heels. Overspending and wanting to please. All part of the game of seduction, but as they are known and should be removed intiman masks and do not wear them. This is not to abandon or stop grooming, but to relax and displayed as they are. Feel at home with the person they love.

Become jealous. True, all our partner flatters us a little bit angry if someone tries us or if it appears on a former scene. But if your fear of losing is so great that start getting jealous of all women around him, and even his friends and his job, he will feel cornered and eventually seek ways to escape.