6 tips for a successful relationship and durable

It is often said that time and the routine just with love, but that does not have to be. A relationship is a living thing that goes through phases, waxes and wanes and constantly changing … not necessarily for the worse. Devote time, energy and attention to the couple is the secret to a successful and lasting relationship. Here are six tips to nourish

Break the routine. There are routines necessary for everyday life, but also others who belittle life by making it predictable and boring. Leaving the known, stop going to dinner at the same restaurants, go away on vacation without making plans. It is important not to turn the relationship into a castillito for two where nothing new can enter.

Enjoy together. Do not let them steal everyday obligations smile. Love needs attention, illusion, gestures of tenderness, surprises, gifts. It is like a child with an open heart. Laugh together and try to preside joy their relationship. Make an effort to avoid negativity, rudeness and disrespect that kill the desire and the desire to be together.

Do not be afraid of conflict. As much love and complicity that has, in a relationship always going to arise disagreements, arguments and even fights. It is better to express the discomfort I keep quiet, because this always leads to frustration and resentment. Disagreements are an opportunity to know each other better, learn lessons and build a solid foundation for your relationship. And remember: never be afraid to ask for forgiveness. It is the balm that soothes all tensions.

Express your love. Never give affection to your partner for granted. Although they have a stable relationship or married, he or she is not your property. It is a person who has decided to love him and be with him, like you. Love is strengthened when the couple expresses their feelings, when both are put in the place of another, when they spend time and energy to celebrate their love, support each other, to try to understand each other and stick together even amid disagreements or Bad times.

Have a life. No matter how in love they are, they are aware that your partner can not and should not fulfill all their emotional needs. It is important that each of you remain an autonomous person and reasonably happy apart from your partner, because one can thus add, supplied, nurture the relationship. Have friends, confidants and accomplices of both sexes who spend time and talk, vent, share hobbies, listen, learn things … Let air between the two so that both can breathe at ease.

… But remember that they are a couple. This involves taking everyday decisions by mutual agreement, share everyday life, mate, adjust, reinvent itself. It means sharing moments of happiness, tenderness, complicity, but also days that do not support each other. Put their commitment and their mutual love above circumstances and moods, never forget what is the reason why they are together.