7 reasons for not going out with a married man

Love knows of civil states, and generation after generation are many women who live the experience of falling in love with a married man, as we have been so well told some romance novels.

It is true that a romantic story with a married man can be passionate and exciting. Even unforgettable. But if you want to start a family or at least have a stable relationship with a future partner it is not a good idea you choose as a companion to a man who is already married.

Of course many of them end up divorcing to start a new life with a second or third pair. However, if you take a lot of time waiting for that to happen and things do not change, you might want to reconsider the relationship.

These reasons will help you understand why

You become “the other”. That means keeping a secret relationship, or who know very few people. You can not attend social events or wedding of a loved one as your partner, present your people or speak naturally about your relationship to your environment. Officially, you will be “unmarried” or that woman who did not really know if you are with someone or not. Okay, it gives you a mysterious air, but when you go home alone do you really feel happy?

You’ll feel increasingly frustrated. It may be fun at first maintain a relationship without responsibilities or ties, and you feel like a queen enjoying your clandestine affair. But if he really like you encariñarás, and then you fall in love. And then you’ll want more and more. Do not get day to make you feel frustrated and sad day, and you can get to tear apart your self-esteem.

It’s not fair. For its official partner, who does not know anything about you. To you you not want to be on your skin, right? Then, ask yourself why you are relating to her husband. Maybe you could not help falling in love, and that’s understandable. But it may also not have in consideration the feelings of others, and only you care about your own welfare.

You deserve more. A person who devotes all his time, attention and energy. And of course, to give the same. Ask yourself if you think you do not deserve to have a partner that you consider the most important of his life. Someone to share the day and the company of your loved ones.

You are left with the crumbs. Surely you receive gifts and romantic attentions, but will not be the person with whom he spends Christmas and birthdays, or you call the hospital if you have a heart attack. In an extreme case, he may die and you do not enteres.

You’ll spend your life waiting. You can see, that match their agendas, divorces … And the truth is that life is very valuable to be wasted waiting or freeze your youth dreaming of something that may never come.

Not mange your happiness. When you live expecting him to divorce and commit to you, you put your happiness in the hands of others and a hypothetical future. And if you decide to never leave his wife and be with you?