7 ways to meet someone special this summer

Summer is synonymous with relaxation, outdoors, beautiful sunsets, warm nights appetizing plans and … Vacation time, releasing the agenda, granted a respite, venturing to explore new territories. And of course it is a great place to open up to meet someone special, breaking with our usual routine and daring to “play” time in different scenarios. For example, these seven

1. Take a trip alone. If you are single and your friends have already organized the holiday with their partners, you do not have to resign yourself to stay warm at home or going to spend the summer with your family. Give yourself a train ticket or tickets to that city or country you’ve always wanted to know, and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom to explore alone. And if you do not feel comfortable without company internet pages where you can find contact people of that city willing to lend your sofa or even offer their hospitality dating you to dinner, meet tourist areas or just chat.

2. Take a trip alone … with a specialized agency. Are you more in favor of organized trips? Although traditionally these are aimed at families, couples or groups, in recent years there have been many agencies that organize trips for “singles” or separated children where you will not feel like fish out of water. This is a place to be together without having to worry about the logistics of the trip, which leaves you free to socialize with other bandmates or move around your destination at your leisure.

3. Organize a special party. On the beach, at the pool, on the terrace, in the living room with the windows open … Make it wherever you want or where you can. The important thing is to choose cheerful music, bring people with good vibes and especially put one condition: that every person, group or couple to come to the party leading to a bachelor or bachelorette party.

4. Go to tourist sites. Fall down the museums and monuments of your city and of course the cafes, bars and parks nearby. Go alone, with a book or your tablet, and try to seem independent but accessible. You know that the city is full of tourists in summer …

5. Strolling through the airport. Another great place to start a conversation with people from other countries site. If you’re traveling, go with enough to give you time to take a walk or have a coffee time. That feeling of being in transit and crossed with people from the most diverse nationalities is very stimulating to the imagination, do not you think?

6. Meet someone you’ve met online. True, there is a danger of contact with a married man who is spending the summer in the city while his family spent their summers on the beach, but in the virtual ocean there are many fish. And maybe in winter you give too lazy (fix and out into the cold street to talk with a stranger) can become a stimulating plan for a delicious summer night.

7. Subscribe to our a conscious vacation. Increasingly personal growth centers that organize workshops, retreats or meetings in nature. The accommodation is usually in cottages or ashrams, and the program includes activities such as walking, meditation, holistic therapies or yog a. Do not worry if you go alone to a meeting of this kind, as a very special atmosphere of openness and partnership in which you quickly find a taste is created, and it is easy to become intimate in a more authentic way in a night of drinking and wildness.