Are you ready to live a great love story?

In movies and in some novels, love comes from nowhere and blooms like a rose that never fades. In real life, it is important to be aware of who you are and what you ask to love and man with whom to share your way. These tips will help you identify if you are truly ready to embark on a relationship and be happy, and will be useful to reflect on those weaknesses or old wounds that still pose an obstacle between you and happiness as a couple.

There are many reasons to embark on a relationship, but not all lead to happiness. Dating someone for not being alone or not what people think will help you find that wonderful couple to be happy, really happy. However, you know you’re ready for a relationship when you feel good about yourself, your life is reasonably happy and feel an inner desire to share your world with someone else, to give joy and love, open your heart. Read on and see if you identify with the signs that are ready to let someone in your life really special;. More »

We all have our preferences when it comes to the opposite sex, and there are features that, while not know why we are erotic. But have you ever stopped you’ve make a list of the qualities you want in your ideal man? Write it will be very interesting and revealing. First, it will help you be more clear about what you want … and what not. It will also serve to make stronger your desire, because when we put something in writing cobra more weight. even, it is very likely that when you have that “identikit” definite start to find, as out of nowhere, men who fit the profile … or seem like enough to keep you wanting to know,. More »

Spending a season without a partner after a break is healthy because it allows close wounds and reacquaint yourself. But it is equally important to recognize what is the time when you’re already ready to embark on a new relationship. How do I find out? It will help take some time to discover what you do not want to return to live and commit yourself to not to let it into your life. And from that point, it will be easier to define what you want and need from a relationship now, open yourself to the possibility of finding that special person and visualize the relationship you crave. It is also important to look inside yourself to see if there are old wounds heal and allow yourself to let go of that cystic pain. With all this, you’re ready to open your heart to love again;. More »

Although needs change and at any time or stage of life we ​​look for different things in a couple, at the time you are prepared to live a love story with capital you need a partner to submit certain qualities. And it does not matter much if your one-night stand or a passenger romance is a man responsible in their work, but it does matter when you’re thinking of building a life together with this man, right? There are some common traits that define men you should let your life if you want the relationship to have a future. And it does not matter if you are blond or brown … but its attitude to life, to people and circumstances that shape their world and, of course, to thee. More »