Avoiding couple on holiday breaks

Statistics show that most divorces take place in September, after the summer holidays. One thing that is repeated year after year and makes it clear that the time is not always synonymous with relaxation, fun and free for couples.

The routine as a cover

A fact, moreover, quite sad. It shows that the fact spend much time together is, for many couples, something they would rather avoid that generates stress rather than welfare. In contrast, during the remainder of the routine and daily obligations they distract them. It’s easy to find time to stop and talk when there is always something to do: go to work, take the kids to school, finish that report, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

On vacation, when that routine is broken or relax, many couples feel uncomfortable, tense, unprotected breastplates of those who hide behind during the winter. invisible armor that prevent them rubbing and discussions but also will harden them, cooling, isolating the person with whom they share life and they should also share their feelings and desires.

Time to take stock

On the other hand, the end of summer coincides with the beginning of the school year and the change of season. It is a time of transition, in fact for many people it is as if the year began at that time and not in January. So it is also a time that usually take stock of your life, make changes and proposed new targets are marked. Thus, if the relationship was damaged and in summer has gotten worse, it is easier to come September say “here”.

7 tips to stay united

If your relationship is not going as well as they wish, but there is still love and want to keep together, these tips will help you stay together during the holidays

Before leaving for your trip, find a little time for you and detente at least half an hour to reflect on the state of your relationship. For example, what do you feel right now, do you keep grudges, what things you silent, what habits you like to change, what would you like to talk to him and do not dare?

Aim to talk with your partner once and for all. Not have to be a solemn conversation (not scare him with a “We need to talk”), but sincere. They can take advantage of a romantic dinner or a sunset on the beach.

Listen, then what he has to say. Try to stay open, relaxed, ready to talk. But do not hide your emotions. That’s what ultimately separates many couples.

I am aware that the close coexistence that takes place during the holidays can be tense. But this year, instead of trying to hide conflicts under the carpet, express your feelings and ask your partner to do the same. It may cost them at first, but it eventually becoming a much healthier habit than remain silent.

Introduce positive changes. Sure they have customs that actually bother them both, bored or damaged. Summer is an excellent time to change habits, either eating healthier or stop talking to each other with sarcasm.

Do not be afraid to stop. As much as you if not all happy that want the best you can do for the rest of the year you escudes in routine, and that will help to move forward, you are stopping to ask why. Perhaps what you need is self-love or courage to develop your talents, and your stomach has nothing to do with your partner but yourself. If you stop to think, you know better what you want and need, and you’ll get to September and even serene feeling full of energy and eager to take the new course.