Couples raising children together have better sex

According to recent publications CNN, one study found that the most successful couples are those who share evenly household chores, including child rearing, which was relegated traditionally mothers. So much so that they even have a better sex life. Am I Now you pay attention?

Yes, the study involved interviewing almost 500 couples from the United States living together s, they were asked about how the responsibility of caring for children from playing to bathe them or let them enforce the rules were distributed and them they asked their level of satisfaction about their relationship and sex life.

Surprisingly 73% of women and 80% of men said they divided equally the care of children with their partners. “It was definitely interesting that many couples saw their division of labor as equals,” said Daniel L. Carlson, who is the lead author of the study.

The researchers found that couples who are equally divided tasks and responsibilities of raising children in the household are also those who are more satisfied with their intimate life and sexuality. “Being happy is a strong indicator of the stability of the relationship, so these things bode well for (couples) to stay together,” Carlson.l said.

In general, couples who are more equal in their responsibilities, including child care tend to have better relationships, sharing is a good workout for the exercise of the couple. Almost all marriages today need two inputs of money, so it is necessary to agree on household chores, as both will be a big part of the day outside the house. that that man goes out to work was finished and the woman stays at home, and if he stays, often does freelance work from the living room of your home that will demand many hours as if working outside the house.

Sharing of responsibilities and tasks, a more comprehensive, more and more connected oiled relationship arises, which results in better communication at the time of sex. It is true that more work and children account for less hours alone but if both parents take care of everything to do, come to bed at the same time more or less equally tired. Then it’s time to make love or relax one another’s arms and cuddled just sleep.

It is also true that sharing parenting gives men, who remained centuries away from such a thing, a different perspective of their children, their needs and their more emotional and tender side. Learn to develop these characteristics also about the female psychology and can “step into the shoes” of her companions, be more empathetic and come to understand how also cooperate in sex play with things like foreplay and foreplay and seduction the couple if import is carried cohabiting years.

Raising children together can be a way to have a better sex life, and continue to bring children into the world …