Do I have a healthy relationship?

If you’re asking yourself if your partner suits you, it admits that something is not quite right. But that does not mean you should break up with him immediately. The question is: Do I have a healthy relationship? Let’s find out.

You know communicate assertively?

Perhaps what we really need is not breaking up with him, but to learn certain skills of communication, or some tips to understand and treat the other sex, or maybe a little longer to know well (though do you get to fully know someone ever?) in that case, the relationship will improve when the two know how to express themselves more assertively.

There is a clue that will help you know if your relationship worthwhile if you have to make adjustments to work. Although sometimes it hard to understand or often discussed, there is love and mutual respect? Do they share the same values ​​and a common project? Are you able to say “sorry” after wounding the other?

Signs that are in a destructive relationship

If you answered “no” to all three questions, it is very important that you recognize how you really feel. Not on the surface. No fooling yourself saying your relationship compensates you when deep down you feel unsatisfied or injury. You can tell your family and friends that you are happy, but only you, deep down, you know the truth. It’s time to look in the mirror and be honest. It begins with recognizing the warning signs

Breaking with a couple who do not agree

It is not easy to break an unhealthy relationship, but it becomes more difficult the longer it goes. Adherence to these relationships is based on fear and insecurity felt by one or both partners. And the mutual dependence strengthens these harmful emotions.

If you feel identified with this profile, the first step is to be alone with yourself (despite the many excuses that do not always find) and reflect. Your heart knows the answer. Once you have the courage to express it aloud, you can take paper and pencil and write about the pros and cons of your relationship. Or separate yourself some time to see the situation from a distance. It can also help to talk with a good friend or enlist the help of a psychologist or coach.

In any case, there’s solution!