erotic couples dictionary

There are terms and specific vocabulary to refer to relationships. Many related classics sexual relationship, and neologisms that are given to globalization. How many of these know and practice? We found a large dictionary on which we will discuss the terms that relate exclusively to practices between two people.

I intend to find out with your partner, and enjoy it.

· Acomoclitismo: excitation by the hair on genitals. Well, it’s a complicated name for a very western taste, after all.

· Acrofilia: people who are excited only high places. At acrofílicos they like to have sexual encounters on high: a terrace, a plane or a scaffold. Incompatible with whom she has vertigo.

· Acucullofília: sexual arousal by circumcised penises. Given that there are great religions that follow the rite of the circumcised penis has a great acceptance in our society.

· Agenobiosis: marital cohabitation without sex. This happens in many couples who live together for years as “brothers” because they lost all sexual attraction, but still feel deep bonds of affection.

· Agonofilia: excitation from a fight with the couple. Have you heard that the best reconciliation is a sex session? As there are people causing the dispute to reach reconciliation.

· Agorafilia: attraction sexual activity or exhibitionism in public places. These romps with your partner on the beach, in the woods or in the bathroom of shopping …

· Agrexofilia: excitation produced by the fact that sexual activity is heard by other people. loud, annoying and exaggerated neighbors. Everyone knows when the neighbor next door is celebrating.

· Alifineur (Aliphineur): use of lotions, creams or oils to excite sexual partner. Well, in any store we can buy aromatic massage oils and lotions erotic stimulants.

· Aloerastia: excitation of the couple by the nakedness of a third party. Here it appeared the third. It is not so uncommon for the couple to open to put a third on his intimate relationship.

· Alorgasmia: inability to get excited without thinking of a more desirable person with whom that is making love. That would be bordering on infidelity would be simple for some and for others sexual fantasies.

· Alorgasmia: from excitement fantasize during sex with another person other than the couple. Exactly the same range as the above.

· Alotriorastia: Excited sexual partners of other races. Very common with globalization and mass migration.

· Altocalcifilia: attraction by high heels. Welcome high heels and their worshipers.

· Sexual Altruism: occurs when a person for fear of loss or abandonment of the beloved undergoes erotic designs but not the feel or share. That “comply” in bed to keep the other.

· Alveofilia: attraction to have sex in a bathtub. It is not uncommon, the hot tub is an erotic element in many places.

· Amaurofilia: passion for blindfolding the couple. Thus he feels vulnerable and subject. A clear example we saw it all in “Nine and a half weeks.”

· Amiquesis: sexual arousal by scratching the couple during sex. Always I say that eating and everything is starting to scratch. It makes sense, scratching and scratching you, is pleasant.

· Amomaxia: excitation only when performing a sexual relation within a parked car. Usually this starts because there is no other place available when one walks starting 20 years. Sure you can become a nostalgic attachment if the experience was very very very exciting.

· Analismo: is any sexual activity that sexual arousal is prioritized through the anus. Did you know that the anal and perianal area has many nerve endings?

· Anaphrodisia: absence of sexual desire. This exists and first thing to rule out physical causes are. Consult your specialist.

· Anastimafilia: sexual attraction to people who are morbidly obese. People with this preference are also called chubby chaser. It is also used to define attraction by people other than their own (higher or lower) altitude. Experience the difference and plurality. Beauty is absolutely subjective.

· Attraction to transgender people or ginecomimetismo: attraction only by women dressed as men. The woman represents and sexually behaves as man and man takes on the role of women. In the anal penetration the passive subject will be the man and woman will be active. Game for two who are eager to exchange roles for a while. Women dressed as men have their erotic touch. A woman dressed in a tuxedo is at least … disturbing.

· Anilingus or anilinguo: sexual practice of tongue excited by the gluteal and anal erogenous zone. Also called black kiss. A classic among classics.

· Anisonogamia: attraction by a much younger or much older sexual partner. And that is not an attraction interested in power or money but genuine.

· Anomeatia: penetrate with the penis into the anus to a female partner. Another classic with a strange name.

· Anorgasmia: inability to reach the final stage of orgasm in sexual arousal. Many women complain of never having had an orgasm. The causes can be physical or emotional. It is recommended a consultation with a specialist.

· Arabic: man is face up and the woman ‘rides’. A very advantageous position for women and very common in our western repertoire.

· Astenolagnia: attraction by humility, the humiliation or sexual weakness of others. We played on the edge of sadism or cruelty. Beware psychological abuse.

· Asfixiofilia or hypoxyphilia: pleasure producing hypoxia. The stimulus is strangling, choking or drowning the couple during sex, with their consent and without coming to kill her. Also called erotic strangulation. Already known cases in which has played badly and one of the two members of the game has been killed. We must be very careful with these practices.

· Asexuality: lack of sexual orientation. Asexual are people who feel no desire for sexual pleasure or sexual attraction to anyone around them.

· Audioerotismo: is to hear intimate conversations, sighs or other forms of sounds that excite the ardor of the listener. Those dirty or talking dirty words are pronounced only on the bed and in the right ear.

· Autoagonistofilia or Autogonistofilia: erotic arousal is being observed on the scene or be filmed. We assume that some actors have found such passion and, in recent years, cell phones and the Internet have given millions taste less famous couples.

· Axilismo: masturbation within the armpit of the pair. There is everything, as in pharmacy.

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