Ex-couples and broken relationships

A former partner and a relationship that is over is something, in many cases ending not to cut your losses because there are children involved, goods or a nexus of different nature that binds two people even when they do not want to ever be plus. How do you deal with these situations? How to deal with the relationship from the new position of “exes”? If diplomacy work in these cases …

When a relationship comes to an end and there has been generally enough clues and analysis of the problem between the two people involved. When no more can be done, and this does not depend on the length of the relationship, but the quality of it … it’s time to accept it and move on.

The break of a couple is a very painful moment. Say or accept the “do not choose” is difficult. If there are also other things added as treachery or violence of any kind, the emotional scars of a break may be hurting us a long time.

How to learn to accept the breakup of the couple may seem that we drop the world over;? More »

We agree that to be jealous of your partner’s former partners have to be jealous. However there is a subtle nuance that makes this type of jealousy even more torturous than you feel for the friendly relations existing job or the one you love. The former are like ghosts, are indominables and uncontrollable.

Well analyzed jealousy may seem silly. You have chosen to you, among all other beings on the planet, and if your ex is your ex is because he decided not choose more, or because the relationship was terminated for some reason. Anyway jealousy over the past torture of your love and you do not know what to do to control them. Let’s give you some tips to solve your problem;. More »

There are people who do not accept the breakup of the pareja.Insisten, invade your privacy and anguish eventually fill your new life. What to do with these people? Here is a series of tips and advice that could help calm their excessive craving or anger and bring peace to thy days. More »

You have separated or divorced unkind terms. Maintain a distant relationship with your ex for the children together. However, something happens that puts you in an awkward situation and you have to make a decision. Your ex is seriously ill and is alone. What to do?

It is possible that you adopt the attitude you depends largely on how you’re aware of your situation. This fact can be decisive, if you keep the contact is through your children, and they will report their situation, your participation will be more active. It is likely that before the novelty try to contact them to know their status and what can help to improve their situation. From that point, the steps you’ll still depend a lot, the state of the relationship;. More »

It is usually thought that when a couple ends their relationship is very difficult to return to be something between them. “What broke not fix it” it is a popular saying. But it also says that “where there was fire, ashes remain.”

This is the case of those couples who rencuentran after many years without seeing, and when they do, reemerges something between them. It could be considered that are couples who ended their previous relationship before it was really finished. Perhaps due to external causes or because they were too young at that time;. More »