“Friendship with benefits”, do you agree?

If you’re considering maintain a relationship of “friends with benefits” it can be due to several reasons. Perhaps at this time you do not want to complicate your life or do not feel prepared to keep an engagement in the making. It may also be that you’d fall in love but all you find are men who want to maintain friendships without obligation. Or maybe it turns out that the guy you’re dating has proposed this type of agreement you.

But do you agree this kind of relationship? It all depends on your reasons to get involved in it and your personal circumstances. Let’s review the pros and cons to having it clearer

In favor

· It is a way to enjoy the good things in a relationship, but without the complexities attendant upon a more formal relationship. When they are not formally partner, you do not need to worry to avoid falling into the routine, divide the payment of bills or go to the supermarket. Instead, they enjoy dinner together, outings and festive moments.

· Allows you to have stable and satisfactory sex life with someone who attracts you and knows how to please without walking touring nightclubs or having appointments with strangers online dating sites.

· It helps you be more authentic and to know better men because, being with someone without pressure or commitments, it is easier for you to relax, be yourself and cultivate friendship with the opposite sex, undemanding. This can be therapeutic, especially if your romantic relationships tend to be complicated.

· Allows you to remain free while you decide what you really want in life and your romantic relationships, but without renouncing to have a sex life and to have a man at your side to support you and you offer love and companionship.


· It is likely that at first this relationship makes you feel excited and euphoric, but then it is very possible that not delay to want more, just because you feel good to her. Women encariñamos us with the treatment and tend to want to be in an exclusive relationship. If he does not agree, you can get to feel very hurt.

· You must take extra care not to expose yourself to sexually transmitted diseases if your friend (and maybe yourself) it is also sleeping with other people.

· This relationship gives you good moments but not stability. This can create a sense of balance in your life and adversely affect other aspects such as school, work, or your relationship with your circle of family and friends.

· Your self-esteem suffers when you feel like being with your guy and he prefers to spend time with your friends, or perhaps with another girl. If you do not know what he does when he’s with you, maybe that trigger your insecurities and negatively affects your self-esteem.

In summary

Before establishing a relationship of “friends with benefits” it is important to reflect on what want you really and if you really want a relationship without commitment or that you are forming because the guy you want not want to commit or have left to believe in love. Listen to your heart and try not to be swayed by the opinions of others, because only you know what you really need.