Guide to overcome a disastrous first date

Nerves, expectations, skepticism, a little laziness, the secret hope that this time is final … The first appointment is an exciting cocktail of conflicting emotions. But sometimes things go wrong. In that case, the recipe is: downplay the issue, put some clarity to understand what went wrong and not to stumble over the same stone and, of course, a great sense of humor.

They say the men “like all” and that hormones blind them when they have a woman ahead. But it is not so simple … They are also set, and much, what you do or say on a first date. Sure they will not disappear from your life because they do not like how you combine the colors of your clothes and your manicure, because they will not even know, but it may run away if you get to criticize all you know, you complaints by any thing, you use a language worthy of a truck driver or you dedicate yourself to talk about you and nothing but you,. more »

The experience and numerous scientific experiments confirm that the first impression is usually quite accepted. Among other things, because it is not contaminated by attachments and bonding. So if on the first date you feel terrible because he does not look at you or will not listen, if when you get home you’re exhausted or angry, if you have not laughed with him you or you have felt free to show you as you are … Nor dudes. It’s not for you. Although it is handsome, intelligent and have a fantastic job. Heed the signs and on the first date indicate failure and guaranteed frustration. More »

Almost all women have asked this question ever. How can it be that guy was charming when they met, or that you had a great first date, and you called the phone so hard, then do not call? As you will see, it can be for several reasons. Maybe he liked you when you were at a party, drink in hand, encouraged the two, but in light of the next day do not feel so drawn as to call. Or maybe you asked the phone to test his skills of seduction or because he felt compelled to do so. For that seem farfetched, these are some of their reasons. Read on to find the rest …; More »

Sometimes not even need to look for signs that the second round would be good idea. On the first date it becomes evident. They have nothing in common, but when they spoke Facebook seemed so. Or he’ll look nice but do not turn on. It may also be that you feel attracted and he, however, did not show any interest in you. In any case, do not worry: find him positive side to the situation and never use a failed first appointment as an excuse to justify your supposed bad luck in love. Or do when you go to buy bikinis and the first thing you wear you feel terrible decide not to step on the beach all summer;? More »