Guide to succeed in your appointments

An appointment can be a special, but also frustrating time. It is impossible to predict whether it will or not. But you can prepare and put everything on your part to make it a success. We tell you how to take advantage of the first date, what to do next and how to react if something goes wrong. In addition, ideas and tips for success in the second round. And finally, original suggestions for a different meeting.

Some of them are: behave naturally, do not talk about your ex, take it as a game and talk in positive, especially when you’re telling things about yourself. See the rest of our suggestions for a successful first date;. More »

It all starts on the first date. And that’s important to check the details, learn how to seduce with body language and feel comfortable. We give clues to where you decide to go, what to talk about and how to behave in your first meeting with him. This prevents the nerves spoil the occasion,. More »

Do you really liked? You want to see him? Are you sure it’s the kind of person for you? Before the passion blind you, take the time to answer these questions and ensure a happy second date;. More »

If the meeting did not go as well as they were hoping for, it can only be due to two reasons: either you are not really interested in him, or he does not show particularly attracted to you. Find out what to do in both cases and how to move on with dignity and sense of humor. More »

Already they know a little, you’re not nervous and yearn to know more about it and let you discover. Fantastic! However, remember that still do not have an intimate relationship, so focus on taking steps to build the complicity between the two;. More »

For an appointment should not always consist of a dinner out, here we offer other equally tempting alternative: since found a weeknight at an unusual hour to give a nature walk; More ‘.