He left and now want to return. Does he deserve a second chance?

At the beginning of a relationship, the two lovers give their best for the story to have a future. At first, things usually easy and fun. But when some time passes, maybe one of the two doubt your feelings or cool. And then, the other is not knowing what to do. If he left you and now want to return, does he deserve a second chance?

Well, it depends on why he left you. Let’s seeā€¦

Yes deserve if …

He puts away because the relationship quickly turned more serious than he expected and that scared him or overwhelmed him. Whether it was because was not in his plans to start a formal history, or because their last breakup left him too touched. However, to spend time without you it has been realized that the desire to be with you are stronger than their fear, and now is eager to try.

His coldness was because he was stressed about work issues or concerns that had nothing to do with you, and did not know how to deal with the stress that caused these issues and at the same time remain loving and happy in your presence. But after it was realized that a problem in the office does not deserve much attention, and that would be very stupid to sacrifice a personal relationship for that reason.

There is something not told you but now needs to come clean. For example, a tempestuous love story that left him touched, or some aspect of your personality that you share with you embarrassed, because I thought that could derail the idealized image you’d made it. What happens is that you understand that to give a chance to the relationship needed to be shown to you as it is.

I was not sure he wanted to go ahead with you but you proved to be a good person. He did not betray your trust, you will not be cheated or played with your feelings. If from the beginning was honest, sincere, polite and kind to you, and come back to tell you made a big mistake to leave and want to follow in your life, you can consider giving a second chance.

Not deserve if …

Back to you because he can not be alone. If you come to complain that his days are boring and sad nights, do not take it as a compliment. He’s probably thinking it’s better to be with you alone, but when you know a more convincing, will leave you.

They have life plans that do not fit. There may be a lot of chemistry between you, but if discussed because they wanted to do different things with their lives and that has not changed, the relationship will fail and be very frustrating. If you want to travel and lead an adventurous life, looking for a man who craves the same and no one who dreams of starting a family and buying a house to live until the end of his days.

He abused you somehow. For example, criticizing everything you wear or the way you are, or trying to convince you left your job or your friends. If you felt asphyxiated with him, though congenial great, it is better to cut your losses. That person did not respect you at first, and if you come back with him only intensify the mistreatment up to make it intolerable.

He will not convince. Maybe he’s handsome and successful and you love to show off with him in public, or has an air of bad boy that you find exciting. But when they were together and you went to sleep, in the solitude of the night your heart you said that man was not really wanted to have on your side. In that case, you did a favor to leave. Do not be put off by the fear of not to find someone who loves you, and stand firm on “no”.