Healing the wounds of your heart and open yourself to love

All, in one way or another, we long to find a mate or life partner with whom to share the routines of everyday life, our dreams and victories, holidays and special moments. We seek complicity, affection, support, excitement, a joint project, a separate world in which shelter when we left the office and social obligations. Some wish to marry. Others prefer to live. Some maintain their own home and share only weekends. There are so many ways as we want to invent. But one thing is common to all relationships: to establish a worthwhile, you need to make peace with ourselves. Open our hearts to love is sometimes painful, but the rewards are immense. If you are suffering because in your life you crave the couple does not appear, and you think it is because you have closed due to the painful experiences of the past, these tips will help you regain peace and confidence in love.

Opening the heart means dare to believe that love exists and there is one (or more) wonderful people wanting to meet someone like you. Even if you have suffered a divorce or a painful breakup in the past, you open your heart when you decide you do not want to live a solitary existence or embark on relationships that cause you dissatisfaction. The first is to learn to recognize when you’re open to love and when not. Being honest with yourself is the first (and essential) step in establishing a relationship of real trust with another person;. More »

The child or the inner child is that part of us harboring fears and suffering accumulated since we were very small and unable to process the pain and react to it in a mature way. But to establish a truly mature, healthy and free relationship in adulthood, it is essential to heal the pain and dry the tears of those frightened little children who live within. Psychologist and therapist Victoria Cadarso, author of Hug your inner child, gives us the keys to get it;. More »

A satisfactory and harmonious relationship with your partner gives you certainly a happiness you could hardly find elsewhere. However, do not forget that true love is not synonymous with dependency and need, and to be happy with what your partner brings and give all your love, he or she should not be the only source of your being. For your sake and that of the person you love, make sure you are able to be passionate for life, finding beauty and pleasure in your hobbies, feeling satisfied with your work and take care of your friendships, because all impact for good in your love relationship. Here we talk about four ways to achieve emotional independence. More »

Forgive those who hurt us is a necessary step to fully love, without which our energy is focused on keeping alive the pain or grudge situations that occurred in the past. But, what is forgiveness? This is not to accept that you continue hurting or open the doors of your life who mistreated you. Discover what the true forgiveness and why frees you from toxic emotions that keep you attract a fabulous new partner;. More »