Homosexuality, reasons for and against

All human beings need to reaffirm our beliefs, values, or ideas. The true intellect is not enough to learn something, but precise convinced that is true. So far, everything is perfectly natural and understandable. But the search for truth becomes something else when the need is to be right.

Believe to be right and want to assert that concept above all, was the reason most commonly used throughout human history to start conflicts, wars, separate peoples, families, invade countries and territories, torture or kill people to genocide, sow hatred toward a race, origin, ideology or lifestyle. It has also been the main reason for founding groups, religions, political parties and other groups with a common motivation.

Be right, need to prove

It is common to find all kinds of angry people because they are not given the reason, in one or another issue.

Hence, for example, the problem of social acceptance of homosexuality. Homophobia was encouraged by a mix of religious and social precepts. Since ancient times, they existed in the major Western and Eastern cultures sex between same sex without this was frowned upon and would represent an extraordinary behavior. However, the rejection of this type of sexuality was putting in place and expanding in most modern cultures. The Catholic religion imperante- and then many others among which are derived from her was a great promoter of condemning homosexuality, assuming that the Bible forbade it, when in fact nothing explicit is said about it.

Reasons and fallacies of homophobia

The consequence of this prohibition and rejection was, of course, be established as a social norm that homosexuality, especially sodomy, was an aberration in addition to a mortal sin. But this had to argue the case to instruct him. As fallacious reasoning of this argument, it was argued that sex (between men) entailed serious illness, it was unnatural behavior was inspired by the devil, or that it was a mental illness. A female homosexuality is ignored, and tried not to mention it even when I was the cause of women accused of practicing is the condemned to be locked up in asylums. With these privileges, the people of those times felt entitled to punish and marginalize despise those who were caught in such sexual practices. They thought they were in possession of reason.

Over time, the most commonly used arguments have been, to this day, cataloging of homosexuality as a “vice”, “perversion” or even “defect or mental illness.” Still many people believe that this is true, and many religious dogmas reinforce them that way of thinking. Or have a homosexual in the family means in many homes a ‘disgrace “, a” disgrace “due to misinformation and ignorance of the obvious reality.

Demystifying is not to attack

Homophobia beliefs promote hatred, fear of what is unknown, and the growth of a number of misconceptions about homosexuality and those who identify and sexually. Defend and reaffirm their sexual orientation, it has not been easy to homosexual and, for many centuries. It is therefore a kind of “pride of caste” settled between those who wanted not renounce their nature and were persecuted and marginalized, if they were identified as homosexuals. They had reasons for this, and also had reason, however, hide and deny their sexual orientation for fear of reprisals and consequences for themselves and their own. With the advancement of society and the gradual acceptance that there were two genders but several sexual orientation, homosexuals have been recovering their rights and dignity, still coping with the strong homophobia of some countries and traditions. But the painful rabies old rejection has left its mark in the collective unconscious of many homosexuals, not without reason, but losing sense when hatred is used, the imposition or bad ways to reassert a personal trait that already has the full right and general acceptance.

Therefore it is urgent to educate young people, whether heterosexual or LGBT people, equality, mutual respect and pride without anger or aggression. Enforce certain rights and a respect that obviously belongs to them, not give legitimacy to the gross display, aggression or revenge. Associations and groups of GLBT have been an example of civility, patience and humanity, in that regard, persevering in their economic struggles with great serenity and good judgment. At the individual level, it is necessary that homosexuals, especially the younger ones, do not sit facing the rest of society, but integrated into it. No need to give them the reason, they already have.