How healthfully fight

The fights are common and natural in the couple, can be large or small disagreements discussions but we must manage the course of a fight for the relationship not remain resentful.

Stay calm all you can

A fight and implies that two people are affected. Each tries to show and defend their point of view. If you stay calm it is much easier you can make yourself understood and understand what the other is saying. Count to five before speaking, do not say the first thing you think, curb the urge to shout or insult that all it does is fuel the violence of the moment.

Do not use an attack as a defense

Attack, accuse and insult are easy ways to defend yourself. It is difficult to accept the own share of responsibility in a discussion and often use this resource in the absence of genuine reasons. Admit your guilt part in a fight and the other is to disarm and invites him to do the same. That way down the revolutions of the discussion and communication is easier.

Expose your point of view firmly but without violence

Arguing is healthy if done right. impressions change and reach an agreement. Do not sacrifice your view to please the other or to finish the fight, that alone will bring grudges later. Expose your view, it is as valid as your partner, go with confidence but in a friendly way, without violence.

Respect each other’s opinion

The view of the other can be very different from yours, do not share and may not accept it, but you must respect who think differently to you. A healthy fight should result in an increase in knowledge about the other, they do not own the truth and there may be as many views as people on the planet. If you respect your partner, your partner will respect you.

Look into the eyes of your partner

When you’re discussing you lose the direct link you have with the other, it is a time of momentary separation, each in a facing position. Keep your eyes on your partner while talking and when you hear, thus is open communication without interference, and the other interprets your senses are present to give attention and solve what happens. There is nothing more irritating than someone who gives you back in a fight.

Listen truly

Do not you hear waiting for a pause to say what you want. Listen to what the other is saying, perhaps there are aspects that can understand and you had in mind. Note the gestures, the intensity, the emotion of another. What that “a picture is better than 1,000 words” is not just a popular saying, perceive what your partner says and how he says it is fundamental.

Grants and calls

A fight is a disagreement, negotiations must reach a conclusion with a new order established between the two. Grant what you think is fair and asks the same. The fight ends with a sincere effort of the two and both sides should be satisfied. If not and you ask for or granted more than right, the fight does not end but still only for a while.

Learn to apologize and forgive

In a discussion you can say hurtful things that require an apology and forgiveness. Learn to accept your partner’s apology and offer yours if you see you hurt or you realize you’ve been wrong. Trust and love must be unhurt after a healthy fight.