How long is the love

What’s “love for life or” until death do us part “is usually given less and less in couples. If we follow the scientific version, love – understood as the classic enamoramiento- lasts between one to three years, the most optimistic studies on the subject, certify a maximum of 5 years of passion. So, it seems that the “true” love is short-haul. But what it is it ?, what is it really hard this time, love or passion? Everything love is passion, or has more components? Lets go see it.

Love studied

A study by the American anthropologist Helen Fisher, a researcher since 1983 of the physical signs of being in love, and Dr. Lucy Brown, Faculty of Medicine Albert Einstein University College in London, found that, when there is attraction emotional and sexual, changes in production levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain of people.

Following these hormonal changes and from the responses of another study by Helen Fisher, consisting of a survey of people from different cultures and tribes, who had lived passionate love, the anthropologist said infatuation is “like a fever that excites and obsessed, but that should happen. ” Of 800 people questioned in the survey Fisher, 80% said that love had taken them from one to three years. A survey in the same direction of Cornell University (New York) held five thousand people from over 37 different cultures, agreed to set expiration infatuation within 18-30 months.

From all this, Fisher concluded that the loving, more or less monogamous attraction is due to the need for reproduction and parenting, which would be around to 4 years old stem. Of course, in this theory, not had the love between same sex, they do not think procreate, nor have the idea of ​​creating a family beyond the couple, necessarily. And all this must be added that Helen Fisher concluded his report by saying that his studies “refer to passionate love, the stage setting for the beloved” then says, “affection and trust can spread love a decade or more. ”

Duration of lesbian love

It explained above, it follows that we must distinguish different stages of love in the family. The first – the attraction, seduction and obsession amatoria- would be commonly known as a passionate love affair. At that passion, depending on the person, circumstances and afinidades- complicity are added, the feeling of mutual security, what is shared and what you can create dependencies that strengthen more or less the link.

In homosexual men and women people, there is a fear that relationships are always temporary, casual, by the old belief that lesbian or gay marriage ends when the initial infatuation ends. The psychologist Soledad Muruaga Lopez de Guereñu, president and cofounder of the Association of Women for Health in Spain, wrote that the duration of the relationship between lesbians aged 29, is very similar to what usually last heterosexual relationships the same age. And the average duration in relations between two women is higher than among unmarried heterosexual relationships.

Endless Love

In conclusion, it can be deduced that love, real love, is composed of many factors. That, of these factors, can only be measured physical evidence of the initial phase, that of feeling sexual attraction and passion for someone, and the rest are forming the love, trust and experiences in common. Parts of love created by feelings, and they are invisible, impossible to calculate, measure or assess.

So the notion that love can be eternal could be true. Just it depends on what kind of “love” is experienced.