How to attract a man beyond sex

Women’s magazines, television programs and even conversations between friends are littered with advice and answers that seek to answer to the same question: How to be sexy in the eyes of a man?

We often forget that men think about sex far more often than women. There have been many studies. Some say they have a “spicy” thought every five or six seconds. Others say that a man usually thinks about having sex 19 times a day. The reason is that they have much more amount of testosterone in their bodies than women. And also, generally, they tend to be much less strict and unforgiving with assumptions female physical defects. In short: why do we need so many tips on how to seem sexy, look sexy if the eyes of a man is actually the easiest part?

Why be sexy is not enough to attract a man

When we deal only be beautiful, be desirable and seem irresistible, when during the first few dates we keep tempt, flirt and use our feminine wiles to get die of desire for our bones … Well, then should not be surprised that quickly get tired of us. If all you offer is sex, how do you expect that he is interested in the woman you are?

If all you want are flings, or are in a time when you need to feel flattered and prove to yourself that you are still sexy and desirable, forward with this attitude. But if you’re a woman who cares to look nice and attractive, but you are looking for a man who cares about his way of being, and who wants not only when he sees her with makeup and heels but when you get up in the morning , it’s time you learn to show what’s behind your pretty face.

How to seduce your personality

They never tire of repeating that they are attracted to confident women themselves, smart, nice, comfortable in his skin. Of course any man will go eyes behind a spectacular woman, but that does not mean you want to make this companion. So give yourself permission once to overcome the complex of adolescence and show you how wonderful woman you are, and you do not need to use games of seduction to attract the attention of a fabulous man.

· Do not park your life for him. When you meet a man who likes you a lot, you’ll want to spend all my time with you. And you’ll be delighted. But soon after, he will distance. Not that no longer interests him, but perhaps as much privacy suddenly overwhelms you. If you make the mistake of starting to show suspicious, hurt and jealous at that point, you will lose. Do yourself a favor to yourself and let them keeping him your life, your interests, your friends … the world know you had before. Integra to your new partner in it, but never lose your identity. A secret: he (if emotionally healthy) will love to know that is not your only source of support, love and companionship. Otherwise you may find it too heavy.

· Be natural. Forget games, tricks and stratagems own quinceanera. If he sends you one Whatsapp and then you want to answer, do not fumble in thoughts like “I’m desperate or believe have nothing to do.” If you do not respond and you start to calculate what the perfect time to do it, you lose the spontaneity that makes us so attractive. Also, it does not go well the play: things are in a way our head and another in reality. And one more reason to do so: he will not like nothing, but nothing, you try to manipulate you. Sure he likes you more when you laugh and have fun.

· Strengthen your self-confidence. To us we love that we say nice things and sometimes we seek praise as showing us helpless princesses before. That is funny from time to time, but do not overdo it. Men no longer looking porcelain dolls, but companions, accomplices, friends, to be able to deal as equals in matters of everyday life, and to pamper deliriously in moments of intimacy. So beware of fads, jealousy or victimhood: a real man does not interest him.

· Show yourself as you are. So he can get to your heart, it is you who must open the door. If you have not succeeded in consolidating a relationship so far, maybe it’s because you’ve never had the courage to show you as you really are. Identify your breastplates and fears and wounds behind, because only when you are able to embrace some and closing others have the peace of mind needed to treat your partner honestly, without fear that you leave when you know or need to capture their attention only through sex.