How to create emotional intimacy with your partner

All women who want a relationship with commitment look for ways to create emotional intimacy with your partner. This is like a plant should be planted with care and watering patiently to bear fruit. However, neither men nor women often know how to understand and manage our own emotions, leading to the failure of our relationships and the fear again. We are confusing, contradictory and vulnerable. We just believe that “all men are created equal” or “no one understands women.” To not get to that point, a change of attitude that leads us to our emotional learning to read maps and be patient with ourselves and with our partner is necessary. A successful relationship requires an open, loving, sincere attitude. It needs to be honest, give us permission to make mistakes and learn. To understand, to communicate, to feel, to share.

If you’re no longer a teenager, you need to learn to stop seeing and treat men as if they were. Do not be fooled by the poses and masculine bravado. They want and need intimacy as much as you, only it costs more often recognize their needs and understand and express their feelings. These tips will help to build bridges between your heart and theirs, and strengthen the bond between the two;. More »

Falling in love is synonymous with euphoria, dreams of the future, an addictive feeling of euphoria that we would like to extend forever. But it is important to understand that this state is not synonymous with love. Love comes when you know the person, with its lights and shadows, and we were not only in the fantasy image we have created it. Distinguish love infatuation is crucial to learn how to build strong, authentic, nutritious relations. More »

This fear often becomes an unconscious force that leads us to be stuck in superficial relationships. Learn to identify and keep it off to prevent your fear lock you up in a glass bubble where you can not be intimate with your partners. These tips will help you open up and let him or her know you thoroughly, without lifting barriers for fear of not deserving love or to show you as you really are;. More »

Romantic love is complex and is alive. Changes with time, personal circumstances, age. It requires energy, dedication, commitment. It seems a lot of work … However, you will find the motivation to invest energy in your relationship when you have clear what is healthy expect from your partner and what not. For example, nothing will work if you pretend that mitigates your childhood deprivations. Read and identify the behaviors that will lead to failure or long-term success with your partner;. More »