How to deal and cope with broken relationships

It is not easy to handle anger, rage or resentment when a relationship ends. And after that, how to keep looking at his face and sharing with the former, if you need to? I leave some tips to make your relationship with your ex-partner does not end in a pitched war.

When two people get divorced is because the family project and long-term partner who had made failed. Whatever the reason, divorce is a painful process itself. No matter if it is consensual or “friendly” or controversial … leaves wounds on the way.

The easiest and advisable would make a grieving the loss, each to his own, and once after a time, to meet without resentment or hatred.

Obviously this is not possible in all cases. The grounds for divorce may include ill-treatment or some kind of physical or psychological violence counseling to distance involved, the more the better,. More »

There are people who do not accept the breakup of the couple. Insist, invade your privacy and anguish eventually fill your new life. What to do with these people? Here is a series of tips and advice that could help calm their excessive craving or anger and bring peace to your day.

First, it should make you feel very safe. Do not accumulate guilt or regrets for thinking that if you had acted otherwise rupture would not have occurred. The couple breaks or misunderstandings happen all the time. Emotional needs and feelings of people are constantly evolving. Often, the dynamics of couples makes each member evolves differently. At first they are small dissidence which is then transformed into great depths. If you accept this fact of life (and the other could also come to accept it) you’ve taken a big step towards your tranquility. More »

Love stories begin with an “I love you” excited and sincere. Our whole world revolves around another, that being that we have found and without which we can not imagine life. Those stories sometimes have an end, and that end usually chooses one member of the couple. It is not a simple or easy time, on the contrary, it is painful to communicate;. He who stops loving is in a situation of difficult resolution, has to grief of separation, of lost love and bear the ” fault “of rupture and cause pain in the other;. More»

You have separated or divorced unkind terms. Maintain a distant relationship with your ex for the children together. However, something happens that puts you in an awkward situation and you have to make a decision. Your ex is seriously ill and is alone. What to do?

It is possible that you adopt the attitude you depends largely on how you’re aware of your situation. This fact can be decisive, if you keep the contact is through your children, and they will report their situation, your participation will be more active.

It is likely that before the novelty try to contact them to know their status and what can help to improve their situation. From that point, the steps you’ll still depend a lot, the state of the relationship;. More »