How to keep love alive couple

Over time, disappointments, growing in different directions and with different expectations … There are many reasons that can lead to the end of a relationship. But there are countless reasons to stay together and ways to get it. It is convinced that it is possible to maintain a love for life, or for many years. Accepting that lasting relationships go through many phases and changes, without missing the first explosive but short-lived infatuation stage is.

Every couple is different, with its history, its standards and complicities, but it is also true that many happy couples share common habits that help keep them together and in love over the years. So believes Mark Goulston, a psychiatrist, consultant and specializes in identifying and cultivating habits that promote happiness in the couple international speaker. Goulston, who is the author of books like Finding and Keeping the love you deserve, has compiled the 10 habits that (in his opinion) characterize the happy couples. They reveal some: walk hand in hand, hugging, say “I love you” every day, trust each other and put forward its positive aspects. Discover the others 5.; More »

There comes a time when fireworks beginning of a relationship go out and give way to reality, stripped of projections and idealizations. At this point, many couples break up. But others learn to breathe deeply, to weather the crisis and emerge stronger from it. Then it is when they fall in love again, but this time in a more mature, realistic and satisfactory manner. Before running to find another lover who appeases your anxiety with his attentions, take note of these tips to re-fall in love with your partner;. More »

Love relationships are alive and constantly changing. Do not be afraid of the ups and downs: They are also needed in the way. If you really want to stay together, focus on their relationship devote the best they have, preventing it wilts. We give six tips to take care of: break the routine, enjoy together, express their feelings and their discomfort, and maintain a life … but not so much that their relationship break; More ‘.

Psychologists and articles insist on the enormous importance of communication in good health for a couple. But do we communicate properly? These tips will help you learn to argue without a fight or get carried away by their prejudices, and also to find the right time to talk. With a little practice, your communication will become more fluid and daily life is greatly soften;. More »

They say the routine is to blame wear love between two people who have long together. That’s just a myth … and an excuse. Certainly, there are routines that end up being boring and unpleasant. But the couple is also replete with positive routines that help them create a strong link and organize your everyday life. The head of indifference and coldness that so often is installed between the couple is not routine, but the attitude in facing circumstances. These tips will help you create more positive routines and get rid of toxic;. More »