How to love yourself

To find the ideal person you share your life, you must first love yourself. Surely this you have already heard many times. But what exactly does and how? We will see concrete examples. Love yourself is …

Knowing what you want from life and relationships. Would you like to start a family? Are you divorced, have children and do not want to return to share your home with a partner? They are two very different starting points. When you know what you want, you can decide how you will act and what situations or people you do not care because they do not match your life project.

Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, if you are an independent woman who has no problem being alone, you know wait for the right person comes.

Be honest. We all have a dark side or shadow costs us show others or look ahead. But if you’re not aware of it the project onto someone else. An example: your parents divorced when you were little and you, you were too young, you thought it was your fault. That you became an insecure person who, in the background, always feared that going to leave.

What once you’ve made peace with yourself wrong?

The main symptom is that you have a sense of inner peace and harmony that is becoming increasingly intense.

However, do not think from that moment everything will be perfect. Life has ups and downs, unexpected situations that are beyond your control. Your mood will also vary and will be days when you’ll come to feel unworthy or that things never leave you well.

The difference is that you would take otherwise. You can not blame your parents or your ex-partner about how you feel, since you will be aware that you’re the only one who can choose how to react to a situation. Surely you will no longer fall into compulsive behaviors to ward off the specter of loneliness and fear, like shopping or drinking too much.

In short, when you know well you have more tools to deal with the circumstances of life. But remember that includes being compassionate with yourself and do not push yourself a perfection that is impossible.

Remember three keys that will help you feel good on a daily basis

Heed your intuition, which is an inner compass that guides us on the right path if we allow it. Listen to your body and your feelings, because they are sending the signal you need at all times.

Stay away from toxic people that drain your energy and situations that put you in a state of fear or stress. Search your own shelters in friendships that nourish you, in nature, in your hobbies or wherever you feel good.

And above all, try to play down and take things with a sense of humor. In life everything happens, and it is important to learn to flow with things as they come.