How to make your lesbian girlfriend to your parents

One of the most complex steps for a gay or lesbian person, after the step of coming out, is to talk about your partner to your parents and even more complicated, the couple want to present to the family. That the closest relatives to accept his own homosexuality, as is usually something that gets on my nerves, wishing to accept same-sex partner as part of the family, it may seem more difficult to achieve.

But there is no choice, if you are in a stable relationship and wants to remain part of the family of origin, to tell parents and siblings that important person in your life there and you like me to accept well.

Presenting your girlfriend mom and dad

Perhaps in some cases we are late with this first tip, as many young people choose to tell their parents they have because they are lesbian girlfriend, wanting to pass the wrong drink once and releasing the double bombshell on the astonished parents.

Once you have passed the trance lesbian recognize you before your parents and siblings, and if the family in general it has taken quite well, comes the part where you must communicate that you’re in love and plan to spend many years of your life with that person, or even formalize your relationship with a wedding. The parents of gay or lesbian children usually tend to think of homosexual relationships are transitory, couples will not last, possibly not end in marriage or family formed, and other topics like that. The first is to discard that idea, you have to entrust partner and that, in addition to like him a lot and want her to you.

When you talk to your partner to your parents, do it with discretion, pondering its values ​​as a person more than the undeniable fact that you attract and pretendéis will be together, no matter what happens. Many parents, that sexual attraction between people of the same sex sounds them to their daughters or daughters have been “abducted” by the other person and have seduced them into something that can harm them. Think about your feelings and that all parents want their children to give to someone to make them happy; if you talk about what you value in your partner as a good person, an ordinary person, you are pushing the image they they can be made on “the perverted evil” that has seduced his daughter.

Meet in person

Before you precipitate a visit where yours and your partner know in person, be sure to discuss it with your girl. She has to agree on who wants to know them and when. Like all boyfriends and girlfriends of history, that important fact will create nerves and doubts, so be patient and wait for Compressive and both ye ready for the first meeting.

Discuss home the possibility of that presentation, and let your parents help you decide the best time. Perhaps a family dinner you can take your girl or, if you already live together, it may be better to invite your parents to an informal meal in which you can teach your house. Decididlo family can soften the tension, but keep your partner informed, so you do not feel sidelined in any case.

You have to be the link in a chain that familiar, so you have to show calm, happy and ready to everything goes well. Do not be put off by the nerves and try to reassure others, and sure that everything will be great.