How to make your partner family

There are people who consider it essential to introduce their new relationship in their family environment to consider your partner. Approval and blessing of parents, siblings and others is important because it is an extension of the own look. An outsider in whom we place our trust will meet and issue an opinion on the person we have chosen as a companion for life, or at least a good portion of it.

Every family is different and has its own customs and specific rhythms, but there are certain tips that can be general when making this first meeting a happy and relaxed occasion.

Tips for you

· Your family is important. So you want to introduce your new partner. Despite that, he tries to stay outside their primary reactions are those which are. They are also nervous.

· Just relax. It is the first of many times when your family, and your partner will share time together.

· Tell your partner that you will be at his side at all times. Invents a secret word that is a code that can ask for help if you sit in an uncomfortable situation.

· Explain to your partner well who are the people you will meet. Tell how they are and what your relationship with them. If there is any with which you have a conflict or a different affinity also tell not to make a mistake.

· Tell your partner the main details you should know. If you are religious, what religion, what their political affiliation and to what extent it is important. What are taboo topics in your family and what topics you know that encourage a talk or, on the contrary, they end up in an argument are.

· Revélale your partner now, before it is too late, those things that your family will surely tell because he thinks they are very funny. You do not want your partner when you have choking, laughing, this time in the sea you started the bikini …

· Make sure your pets, if any in your family, are liked by your partner. There is nothing more disturbing than a watchful doberman under the table.

Tips for your family

· Ask them to be mesurados. Your partner is one and they are many. They do not feel overwhelmed. If you leave space, it will be easier for everyone.

· Let them know you’re proud of them. Are your family and not have to change anything or pretend they are not. They will simply meet someone new that is very important to you. Make them feel happy because you want to share with them and you care about your opinion.

· If your partner has a special feature that you know will surprise you, let them know first. The shocked faces of your family to the surprise is not the best way to make anyone feel comfortable.

· Tell them everything you can about your relationship without breaking the privacy of the couple. How is, what your values ​​are, what political color you prefer, what topics are best left to discuss later.

· If there are difficult issues such as children, previous marriages, etc., is not the time to discuss them. Then he will talk about that.

· Ask your family do not bring strangers to this meeting. Too many people can be harmful to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy it.

Tips for your partner

· It is a tense moment, it is true. But it is important to the other and you are going to want to do at some point.

· The family of your partner is an extension of it. You have to learn to tolerate and to earn respect. First impressions are important. Your family knows that the relationship is serious and that you are committed and happy in it.

· If you feel that is not the time, explain it to your partner. It is not a one-man decision, the two are creating a relationship in which both think and decide. Speak clearly and with great affection.