How to nurture the feminine energy

To be an attractive woman is not enough to take care of your external appearance. You need to learn to know your feminine nature and nurture. Remember that the fact put some high heels does not make you more attractive if your feet are killing you pain. And that beautifies the face makeup, but does not provide the light that comes from within. These tips will help you take care of yourself to be beautiful inside and out, maintaining an optimal level of energy.

· Know your cycles. The feminine energy is not linear but cyclical. The mood changes depending on the time of the menstrual cycle, so it is important to know at what stage you are at every moment and to the extent possible, adapt your activities to your inner state. For example, during the days of the period the body needs more rest and meditation. Instead, ovulation days are perfect for planning a fun evening with friends, a romantic date or a pleasure trip.

· Move on. Walk, run, ride a bike or go dance, but move your body. It is not only necessary to maintain good circulation and cardiovascular health but also to oxygenate your mind, release stress and even distance yourself from your problems and process your emotions.

· Eat well. Read a book or website on healthy nutrition guidelines, it is essential that you feed properly to feel good. It will also help to learn some basics about nutritional supplements or adequate nutrients for women. For example, evening primrose oil and sage are effective in regulating the menstrual cycle. Collagen, to renew the skin from within and prevent common problems such as osteoporosis.

It prefers natural. Whenever possible you choose foods and cosmetics and hygiene as natural as possible. Remove chemicals from your body and your environment is not only healthy, but it will help you feel more relaxed and connected with nature. Even if you have time and amuses you can prepare yourself soap, bread or masks. Again, remember that the Internet is full of interesting pages where very simple homemade recipes, they also have the advantage of being ecological and economic displayed.

· Take care of yourself and others. Femininity is synonymous with nurturing, caring, nurturing. But remember to start with yourself. Presta attentive to how you feel to give you what you need, rest if you feel tired or speed up the pace when necessary. Then, make a point of spending time with your friends and loved ones. For example, set one day to have coffee with your friends instead of following your life on Facebook. If you have children, find a time to do something fun with them and enjoy their occurrences. The more you think nutritious links, the better you will feel.

· Learn to say no. While the above advice encourages you to socialize and pamper your relationships, it is equally important to know reject social or work commitments and people who drain your energy. Start slowly to stop doing things out of obligation or what people think. Feminine energy, symbolized night and winter, you need to regenerate to shine, and for that you sleep, relax, unwind.

· Connect with nature. When you feel stressed or too fast, nothing like a walk in the countryside, the beach or even the nearest park. Lie down on the grass or sand, lean on a tree, admiring the flowers or the sea, read a book while the sun caresses you. Breathe deeply from the stomach and imagine that the earth absorbs your fatigue and your negativity. This is an anti-stress completely natural, free and effective therapy.