Just getting single? Tips to enjoy your new freedom

After a breakup, the heart takes time to heal … But once the wound closed, the door to new and unexpected opportunities to meet others open, and also to know you better yourself.

These tips will help you convert your newfound bachelorhood in an exciting journey to new experiences that enrich your life

Renew your environment. It is always healthy to clean all that no longer serves us. The internal change brings a new vital stage (can be home, work, appearance, friendships, etc.) but can also enhance modifying the exterior changes, which will be reflected in new thoughts and habits. For example: renews the decor of your home, give a new touch to your desk with plants and a photograph or postcard with positive affirmations, start exercising, adopt a pet … It is to surround yourself with an environment that makes you feel well and turn you back into the illusion and hope.

Be open to meeting people. One of the best things to regain singleness is that you are free to socialize again without explanation or settle into the preferences of another person. Surround yourself with new friends or retakes those friendships that you left something forgotten (not those that drain your energy or are unable to see beyond your former self!) And you already demonstrated their love and support. You’ll be surprised how many special people that you can know if you leave behind prejudices and you open yourself to socialize without putting limits to people because of age, nationality or social status.

Do not look for love desperately. Now you know, because you’ve read countless articles like this or because you know many romantic stories that confirm it: love is when you are not looking. If you transmit is anxiety, anger or despair, you will attract people with whom we maintain complicated or dependency relationships. Instead, when you vibrate in the energy of love for yourself and life, inevitably they appear in your way special people willing to share the best they have with respect and healthy self-esteem.

… But do not closures. Yes, open an online profile or accept a blind date can give a tremendous laziness when you spend the day on the computer or is so cold that just want you to stay on your couch watching movies. But it is important that you not close to new possibilities. That’s right: I know healthily selfish and adapt them to your own welfare. For example, if you do not want anything navigate between profiles of a page to meet people and yet you love to hang out on Facebook, get your profile on this social network to contact singles (friends of friends …) and publish your best pictures (for it is they who find you). Or tell your blind date you’ll be delighted to see that Sunday morning sunny where you know you have company apetecerá because you spent Saturday night watching movies.

Fall in love with yourself. All relationships teach us some (or many) lessons when they end. The intimacy that we live with couples makes us relive what we had with our parents, and exposes our vulnerability and open wounds. So love relationships can be so intense and painful. But breakups are a golden opportunity to shed light on the shadows with which we have grown and leave behind outdated beliefs and harmful behaviors, thus preparing to live a new relationship from a position of greater maturity and personal power.

Turn selective. Become happy with yourself and not need a partner for companionship (you can find affection, friendship and sex in other people without a relationship with commitment) or to survive (since you have your own work and your home ownership or rent) is a great achievement. Realize it and congratulate yourself because not everyone gets it. You deserve to give yourself the best, so know what you want and need in love will do much good, because you will not settle for less. You will find a person who will assess and understand, because it will have gone through the same process as you. Just do not expect it to be perfect. No one is to learn lessons and continue to appear on the road while we are alive and open our hearts to others.