Married at first sight – Married at First Sight

Married at first sight, Married At First Sight, is a TV (Channel 4) where science experts and choose the perfect couple to get married right then … then we will see whether it works. The funny thing is that there are volunteers for such a thing and they do it without hesitation, well, a little, in front of millions of viewers at home.

Even if someone seems a great game and the perfect couple in theory, what if you do not like, do not feel attraction or repels you for some hidden reason? Does science absolute truth of what is perfectly adequate in love and the couple?

In this TV show potential partners are numerous, are perfect and are likely to arise between them love, but the final decision of who will marry who do not take those interested, if not specialists, statistics in hand, choosing who marries whom right there and then, GULP! So, you leave the program the hand of your husband / wife who had not seen in your life before.

Of course, this concept is not new. For hundreds of years there were arranged marriages in all cultures, husbands knew the wedding day than their elders had managed according to business or family or economic convenience. You married with whom you played, what love was a luxury that was out of life … or out of wedlock.

And what are these scientific criteria to select you the perfect match using this program? A psychological test is Dr. Mark Coulson: basically are 300 questions that get many statistical data of a person. Then there is also ell Dr. Jo Coker reviewing the emotional stories of applicants. And the social anthropologist Dr. Andrew Irving makes volunteers were recorded during the weekend to see who do similar things and have similar tastes. We do not know is whether all this can really define the loving chemistry between two people. And the emotion? And tickling and butterflies in your stomach?

After the wedding, a honeymoon there five weeks of living together. Then the newly married couple may decide to stay together or divorce. You might run. Long courtships do not guarantee a successful marriage either, and there are relationships that end in marriage a few days to meet and married last many years.

This marriages arranged by third parties may work for some people. In fact, we is not uncommon to see clearly there are couples who marry for interest, at least one spouse, leaving aside love or trust that will come with time.

My own grandmother married my grandfather for a relative term, and they were married until death parted them with very little time difference. I always wanted to ask my grandmother if he did not wish to be back in time and have not accepted the mandate. But she always said that love “always comes with coexistence.” I do not know, I still have doubts, perhaps very passionate people do not want to miss the risk of being wrong or right with the passion of the case. What do you think?