Men in the relationship

This June is Father’s Day in the USA and several countries in Latin America. Sure to become parents they have had to be minimally involved in a relationship, even if it was enough time to father a baby.

In honor of them, we have selected some items that are dedicated and referred to the male figure in a relationship. Men, boyfriends, husbands, partners, parents. They are chosen this time.

It is very common to hear the male and man as two separate beings and unique. They are actually two sides of the same person of the male gender. The male sexual, aggressive and dominant behaviors are expected. Man is expected to glove all, that puts the chest to the bullets and behave properly and contained manner within their manhood, without apparent emotion.

What you are asked to partner? Have you ever stopped to think if you’re judging the actions of your partner in this typecasting;? More »

They have already decided, they will move together. Or they are getting married. The thing is that they will start to inhabit the same space 24 hours a day and everything, the good and the less good will be visible. Have you thought about what to take with you and what to leave behind? You can not take everything, you need to choose your luggage for a new and different life. More »

Not only are women who love luxury. Men enjoy exclusive as much or more than they items. Dress well, drive a luxury car, using the latest technology and enjoy the sophistication is a pleasure of gods. More »

The scene is repeated, invariably, in many homes. At the sight of the tall grass, one unpainted fence or roof covered with leaves, the wife slides her husband silent gaze. He adopts an empty expression and stretches his silence staring at the horizon. It understands the magnitude of the words that will pronounce and not daunted. Equalizes the significance of their response to the mythical “… and will return.” That General Douglas MacArthur uttered in March 1942. Then, turning his gaze to his wife responds: Why do I have to do it; More ‘?

Latinos love the sport of soccer. Especially when they or their parents come from countries with a strong tradition in the sport. More », the world tournament approaches and, for weeks, fans” forget “their partners to follow the fortunes of your favorite national team.

Almost all romantic movies end with a happy ending wedding. The ceremony and the kiss of the newlyweds close a perfect and flawless scene. We see that after going home to start a new life and coexistence in the details that can be irritating appear.

Men are sensitive to these feminine facets that discover in coexistence. They are unavoidable, a woman is not a doll. A woman is a multifaceted and complex being, as anyone. Now there are things you can avoid your husband who commit murder charm of being together is not necessary;. More »

Do you know what the things that make your partner happy are? Are chimeras? Dreams? ¿Impossible goals to reach?

No. economist at the University of York (England), Nick Powdthavee, wrote a book entitled “The equation of happiness” (The Happinees ecuation) which lists some of the most desired by men pleasures. Let’s see if they match what you thought; More »

They get tired of certain female attitudes. If you feel that your husband is about to leave the boat of your relationship, see if you recognize yourself in any of the following attitudes and can avoid disaster. You still have time if you are able to have a constructive self-criticism. More »

The lack of sexual desire in men is one of the most common and least discussed marital problems. Few men who come to accept consulting a professional to fix this problem. Most who come, do urged by her classmates because this issue, untreated, can lead very easily in a couple break;. More »

A confession of that nature can leave you desolate. Steeped in one of the most distressing nightmares you can live. Your first reaction will probably think you’ve failed as a wife and companion. However, you should not let yourself be carried away by events that seem very extreme for you. Thing like this out of the darkness of its secrecy increasingly often. What to do? Is there any way to properly react to a shock like this,? More »