most common mental impact on victims of homophobia

If you have suffered discrimination, marginalization or harassment because of some personal quirk, you can imagine what it means to live in fear of these situations or knocked together of repeated or habitual way, life. This is what happens to many people of different status or sexual identity, or what many expected and they fear for their future by those causes. Know that you are homosexual and means, at first, an emotional shock. Accept and integrate it into one’s identity is the next and complicated step to overcome one or the same. But if, from the outside, just come referents to be outside the stipulated heterosexuality only brings problems, you become someone suspicious or cloudy, and can provoke major stumbling or difficulty in exercising your rights, the feeling is a deep insecurity and a desire to shield against these circumstances. And all this affects the psyche of the person, short or long term.

Pathologies related to LGBT discrimination

Fortunately, major medical and psychiatric authorities declared the world for years that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality are not “diseases”. However, those same world bodies should declare that homophobia itself is a source of harm to public health. Because hatred, fear of what is unknown, the assumed ignorance and violence generated in those who are infected with homophobia do not stop there, but focus those aggressive and intimidating towards innocent target behaviors: LGBT or who are identified as gay , lesbian or bisexual, yet is not.

various studies conducted in recent years in the United States and European countries, say teens and younger as major suicide risk groups, because of discrimination and harassment for reasons of sexual identity. But to reach that raw determination, people go through an ordeal that creates a common psychological symptoms

As with all addictions, detoxification therapy should be linked to an intensive psychological treatment to increase the self-esteem of the person concerned and strengthen their will to overcome addiction.

Overcoming psychological disorders and homophobia

If you feel victim of homophobia and believe experience any of these psychological disorders, or know someone in your immediate environment that needs help in that aspect, the solution is appropriate therapies. It is imperative professional help from a good psychologist or psychotherapist to overcome denial or internalized homophobia, being very effective therapy personal affirmation, rediscover their own sexual identity and to reconcile with his personality. Other disorders such as anxiety attacks, social phobias and, of course, depression are overcome with appropriate therapies and with the involvement of people trusted the patient, who can give support, encouragement and affection he needs.

Fortunately, advances the rights of LGBT people in a large majority of countries allow to be optimistic that very soon people will not be discriminated against for being a sex.