New Year’s Resolutions: How to Attract Love

“Health money and love”. Are the three elements of a happy life, as well popular wisdom. And as the new year approaches, certainly our desire to enjoy the three are enhanced.

What can you do to attract love in the coming year? Is it in your hands meet your ideal partner? In recent times is much talk about the law of attraction and quantum physics. They say that we can get everything we want if we focus all our intention in it.

Although things are probably not so simple (because in the circumstances of our lives is influenced by many factors beyond the control of the mind), it is true that part is in our hands. When you appreciate and respect you, and also seekest to fill your life with positive items and people, you feel more focused. You have more energy, better know what you want and you become a more attractive person who, in turn, attracts more and more people and circumstances that are good.

To enhance this process, here are some tips to help you

· Release the past. The first step to open up to the new is to let go of everything you have left. Old friends no longer make you well, limiting beliefs, bad memories associated with old couples … Drops, forgive, close the door. It’s time to open new windows. Do not be afraid to stay alone or destitute. On the contrary, your life will be filled with new people, more in line with what you want and need now.

· You know what you want. It is important to know what you want in a relationship and what type of person who makes you well. If you spend a few minutes to put in writing it will become clearer and will be easier to identify a potential partner when you go out to meet people or Get introduced to someone.

· Open yourself. Without contradicting the previous point, you must be willing to life surprise you. Perhaps the person you really need not have anything to do with the mental image that you had formed you about your ideal partner. Keep an open and unprejudiced mind, and not close the door to someone who attracts you physically just because it is not as you would like or profession has nothing to do with it. Trust your intuition and your feelings.

· Open your heart. Learn to listen to your inner voice. Stop using work, your family or your hectic schedule as an excuse for not having love life or avoid stopping to reflect on a toxic relationship. Grab the reins of your life, learn to make decisions that will bring happiness to you and to the people involved. I am full and consistent and you’ll notice you have more energy and people who approach you nourish your life rather than to empty.

· Meditate. Spend a few minutes a day to be alone, relaxing or breathing quietly, it helps you stop identifying with your associates loving thoughts to old wounds or beliefs as “not worth enough.” Gradually, you will notice that they are only temporary forms of energy. Learn to visualize yourself happy, full and satisfied in your own company and in that special person, although not yet know. Concentrate on the sensations and recréalas mentally. For example: Imagine enjoying with him or her a wonderful day at the beach. Feel the sun and the sea on your skin, sipping a shared ice cream, imagine that you embrace you watching the sunset, etc.

· Give thanks. When you focus your attention on the blessings in your life and everything you have achieved through your own efforts or the generosity of others to you, you immediately feel good and are more willing to act with kindness and let goodness , love and unexpected events and even miraculous keep flowing to you.