Nice touches in marriage

Marriage is full of small details of life. From the day of the wedding, and before, they are constructed images and memories that belong to two people and link forever. Divorce, or not, in the future, are those experiences that will remain forever etched in the hearts and photos.

Christmas is a time of celebration in the Christian world. the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God made flesh, now celebrated 2015 years ago. For the Western world is a normal and cultural fact, a very large population of Christians (Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Anglicans, Evangelists, Lutheran, Episcopal years, Methodists, etc.) celebrate with deep feeling these dates;. More »

Marriage is a custom that formalizes and legalizes the union of partner. But this link has and has had many nuances throughout history. From the biblical version until today … and not always the latest version is the latest.

The Bible offers the classic version used in the Western world. God made Adam fell asleep, he took a rib and created woman to accompany … thereafter;. More »

In the fifteenth century, the late Renaissance, the Church begins to fade in personal and amatory decisions. In fact, the last sovereigns of the Valois (France) and Tudor (England) dynasty no longer fear exhibit their lovers … curiously do not feel qualms about the Popes and the clergy … to this day. More »

The second Sunday of February each year is World Marriage Day. Inevitably near Valentine’s Day but with a story and independent explanation. According to the source of the website dedicated to this date, Marriage Day “… honor the husband and wife that are responsible for the family is the basic unit of society. Aclama the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy daily life in the marriage. ”

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There are no magic recipes to get married happily fulfill years, but the experience of those who have already gone through it and have achieved strong relationships decades, gives us a kind of “commandments” to keep in mind to follow in his footsteps. What are;? More »

All couples get married in love and sexually attracted to his partner. Such is the chemistry that can not be foreseen how the routine will affect future.

The wedding day, long awaited and craved. Maravilla holidays, family, swirl of sensations, exhaustion, and finally … alone. This SOLOS is forever. Therein lies the crux of the problem to come;. More »

Almost all have the experience of what love is to pass a lasting relationship or a marriage partner. More “; definitions happen to us, but it is a pleasure to read and share what they said at the greatest respect of all time.