Phrases love big women

Carrie Bradshaw, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Isabel Allende, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn. At first glance it seems that some of these women have nothing to do with each other. But they all feel or felt the same as any of us. And all the world shared their thoughts and feelings about love, in all its dimensions: from romantic love to the love of divinity.

Chilean author is a favorite of millions of Hispanic readers, especially readers, worldwide. His writing is a woman deeply connected with her feminine nature. Allende has lived intensely and share their experiences with language that connects with so many other women who do not know or can not express their feelings. The magical world, intuition, the dead, the spirits they hand in their books with everyday life, family, sickness and death. And always with gentleness, sense of humor and a deep love for writing and life that permeates all his words and reflections. One of his phrases: “For women the best aphrodisiac are words. The G spot is in the ears, which look below are wasting time. “; More»

Although Marilyn was put sexy symbol label, all his life fought to be recognized as a good actress and find happiness in your personal life. Three failed marriages and abortions prevented him create many happy family craved. But his sensitivity, wit and intelligence have made connect, even beyond his death, with many women who identify with their struggle. When the lights went out, the Californian actress was an avid reader and student, always eager to learn and experience. He also wrote tirelessly on his diaries and personal notebooks, and left us many interesting reflections on love and sex. One of his phrases. “Marry who know how ridiculous you can become and still love you”; More »

And if Marilyn is one of the great female icons of cinema in the twentieth century, the other is Audrey Hepburn. Physically opposite her blond colleague, her dark beauty and delicate demeanor still captivates men and women, since theirs is an attraction that reflects its inner beauty. Hepburn devoted much of his energy to work with humanitarian projects, and bequeathed beautiful reflections about the real beauty and the importance of living a life dedicated to love with all my heart. One of his phrases: “Just simple people know what love is. The complicated people strive to make a good impression so soon exhausted his talent. “; More»

“Holy sewer” call, beatified in 2003 by Pope John Paul II, lived his life moved by his deep love for the most disadvantaged, who surrendered body and soul. Considered a spiritual benchmark for millions of people, the Albanian nun who so loved India gave us beautiful reflections about compassion, inner peace, integrity and love, understood as humanity, divinity and oneself, essential ingredients of love with an open heart capitals. One of his phrases. “Give not only superfluous, give your heart”; More »

It is a fictional character, yes, but there are so many women who have felt identified with it that many seems like a friend with whom to share confidences. The star of Sex and the City (Sex and the City in Spain) lived sentimental and erotic experiences were much like ours and did, chapter after chapter, our same questions, about men, love, sex and the complicated relationships in our times. One of his phrases: “Maybe our girlfriends are our true kindred spirits, and men only people with whom you have fun.”; More »