political enemies … enemies at home?

Lauren is a convinced democrat. Mexican and Colombian granddaughter, she feels that their voting power as a Latina woman is decisive. He was very involved in the last election campaign of President Barack Obama. Listen with devotion the views of Michelle Obama and is deeply convinced that four more years of democratic government are best for the country.

Rick is a Republican. Latinos also decreases but is much more conservative in their political ideology. Does not believe that the solution to the economic problems of USA is the current policy of the White House, disbelieves unfinished projects and social progress of Democrats seem nonsense.

Both are deeply committed to their political positions. Both sleep in the same bed, are a marriage. Slept only they separated the election day, the tension became so great that ended up arguing very strong.

┬┐Opposing ideologies, compatible hearts?

Very deep and entrenched opposing political convictions are a serious threat to the stability of a couple. It is not only the purely political aspect of the matter but everything that drags an ideology and committing various aspects of daily life and decisions to take two.

Aspects such as children’s education (private or public), sexual health, euthanasia, abortion, immigration, labor laws, tax policies on women are sensitive enough to be a confrontation between two dissenters passionately.

Each with his team … or not?

usually it attracts us and we love a person with whom we share views, dreams, plans and positions in life. It is very common among singles hear: “It’s interesting but Republican”, “I love, pity that is anti K”, “What a pity that is the PP, if not asked her out.”

Is it an exaggeration to forgo meet another with which we feel affinity in many other respects, only because it is politically incompatible with our political thinking? Well, the answer lies in the degree of fanaticism that we have and the ability to respect other individualities.

A marriage between political and religious minded does not have to be more successful than a mixed couple, but the latter relationship, to come to fruition, must have a level of tolerance and understanding higher than the first.

Tips for good relations between political enemies

1. You’re convinced what you think. You feel real. It’s what you really think good for you and your country. Do you feel how your chest swells when you think about it? Well … your partner feels exactly the same. If you love and respect in other areas of life, do it in this too.

2. Not that you should not talk politics with your partner. Sure there are aspects that, even from opposing positions share. As interest in the welfare of the country, the feeling of national affection and whatnot. What differs is the way that everyone believes that we must manage it. You can chat quietly, it can even be enriching. Just know to stop when there is a dark or point of no return.

3. The policy is an issue that always leads to passion. Do not discuss politics with your partner when you’re stressed, irritated or even just tired.

4. Do not disqualify third parties for political reasons. Please note that your partner belongs to that group denostas and can feel aggrieved.

5. In the case of elections, not mock or criticize the contrary if victory is your political choice. If you are the loser, let your partner is satisfied with his victory. In this case your joy is not yours, but still the person you love.

6. Leave politics out of the bedroom. The passion that turns off the sexual passion.

7. Dialogue, compromise and diplomacy. If you’re sharing your life with a political enemy, the first thing you have to learn the ABC of diplomacy is. You have to get your home is neutral ground even including two antinomian powers. A good idea is to write a Decalogue of rules inside the house that serve to mediate and morigerar when discussions take flight too.

8. Children are neither a party nor the other. They must have their own political thinking that will surely be very broad and rich if home where they grow is governed by the rules we have described so far.