Redeem coupons partner, a way to save

These are difficult times for economies around the world. Do accounts and make ends meet is not easy, it is true, but in a system that lifts USA fanaticisms and almost becomes a research and monitoring exists. Are we talking about private detectives? Of course not. We talk about coupons. Collect, organize and change coupons for products you can really save you a lot of money that you can use for other things. And what better to do a team with your partner to become professional shopping with coupons and thus share together something that serves to improve the family economy?

Keep muuuucha patience and organization to become a good buyer with coupons, but two is easier. When you get tired you relieve the other, or both are engaged in different tasks.

Although few people have patience and time required to collect coupons daily, may, as a couple, try and summon strategies for two, so that the weekly accounts in the supermarket are reduced and even get sometimes a amazing offer.

Organizing is the fundamental key. Between two is easier. Before you start, it is a good idea to assign tasks to each. The amount of coupons to save will be much so that at least one of the two, should take care to keep them properly. A good idea is to distribute them in envelopes or folders of different colors to know how many and which we have of each product.

If one of the two is in charge of keeping, the other can check the expiration dates do not expire, for example. They can take turns at different times, arranging activity to the agenda of each, but it must comply with the guidelines established for teamwork really works.

The motto is: more, better how many. Look at all possible place all coupons they can find. No matter if it is for products that are now needed at home or are discount coupons or offer products that are needed in the future. Catch each coupon that can be used. Not be limited to review and search the usual places passively. That is, we should not limit the search to packages of coupons that come in the mail or newspaper and magazines that are usually read at home.

Begin an active search on the websites of manufacturers that interest and great coupon sites like, and

Accumulate coupons is the strategy to optimize offers and savings. It means you have to change, at least two coupons of the same product (one manufacturer and one store) in the same purchase. Not always emit the same time, so if stored and accumulate the manufacturer until the store coupons extend this or that product can make this double “win win”.

It is best not to use private email accounts to receive coupons because, once registered or logged in any website coupons, in addition to these, you will receive tons of unwanted publicity. You can make an account for this and your partner another, thus the number of coupons will be higher. Of course, as you have to print them, you better make a careful study of what will print … or if it will not be necessary to start looking for coupons for printer ink cartridges. Print them when you go to use them because manufacturers sometimes discontinue online and you can get to want to redeem coupons that no longer serve. Remember that this pair work is to save money and be able to do something together with the difference.

Coupons are not changed only at the supermarket for food products. Those beauty products that you wanted, maybe you can get a tasty discount at the pharmacy. Does your partner needed some folders and a new mouse? Maybe it’s something to check for coupons or discounts in the store where you always shopping.

Use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up for your favorite brands … and those of the person you love! So you can receive offers that you will not find anywhere else. This is very useful when you want to give something special to your partner. You can also directly googling the brand you are looking for and support the search with the word “coupon” or “coupons”.

All this effort can serve two reward. The savings made can be saved in a box or in a special account to pay for a trip, a romantic stay in a hotel or simply going to the movies on weekends. The thing is to work together to achieve a common prize.