Resolving doubts about your relationship

Will it really me? Does it make me right or wrong? What is it about me that always attracts the wrong man? Ah, what woman has not ever done one of these questions … or all. And when the infatuation alters us, not easy to answer. In this guide you will find tips and advice to resolve any doubts about your relationship.

A man is poison for you if you feel bad when you’re at his side: tiny, shameful, guilty or afraid. If you want to be happy it is important that you learn to identify such men to achieve them away from your life and put an end to the intense relationships, but unwholesome;. More »

If you can not find the right man, it’s time to review your beliefs, prejudices and fears about love. There are many more who believe and act unconsciously. Bring them to the light to dismantle and battle, this time really, to find someone special;. More »

Rebels, intense, unpredictable, hard … do you feel attracted to this type of man even though you know you should not? You are not the only one. We tell you how they are and what they look for the “bad guys” to make you decide whether you want your hand this time or hard are you to throw them out of your life unceremoniously;. More »

When we are immersed in a love story, there are times when we can not see clearly. If you have questions about your relationship, read this article will help you make the questions to help you decide whether to go ahead or better cut;. More »

You do not know if the guy you’re dating is serious with you or not? Read on and discover the signs if you considered a potential girlfriend or just a friend who hang out;. More »

Men do not express their feelings easily … but your body does. Body language is often unconscious, but always tells the truth. Guide to read their gestures and expressions and discover if you are interested in you. More »