Swingers, couples only convinced

The exchange of couples for a shared sexual relationship, or the practice of swingers, is not so alien to public knowledge issue today. It is not a new habit, practiced long time ago but in this century and late last is when openly is published and talk about this sexual mode. Of course not all couples want to try and share, it is a minority who belongs to this group, have very own and defining characteristics that differentiate them from those who prefer threesomes or orgies.

What do swingers?

Swingers, English “To swing” (swing). It is curious the verb chosen to designate this sexual mode. Swingers swing, ranging from different sexual partners, but always as a partner established. Never alone. Swinger base behavior is to share with the loved the experience of having sex with other couples, with which he not lay hold a loving purely physical relationship but within the bed, and probably friendly outside.

These exchanges partner does not triangulate, as the “menage a trois” always share with other established and strong partner, with which skin feel and a current of sympathy. Nor is it not an orgy where each member of the couple is lost in a crowd of bodies. The central point is sharing, see the couple enjoy another person while doing the same. Always be together in the same space, the same feeling that unites them, but sexually enjoying someone else.

Is infidelity?

It is from a strict view, if we infidelity as practice sex with another outside the couple. But in this case, there is no betrayal of doing something secretly, both members know, and not only know, but share the sex session, it would like to expand his bed to another couple, expand the bed, since no They abandon their established relationship. They love but sexually share. They are able to differentiate and spread love of sexuality, therefore jealousy have no place.

Why choose exchange partners?

Generally it is a fantasy, to open one’s sexuality to others, which is common in both partners. Love each other and have this fantasy, do not want to harm the other and neither resign themselves to not do it, then, through a process of open and sincere dialogue always together, they decide to enter this world that is so particular. Where love prevails couple as monogamy and sex is practiced with different people.


Swingers put on the table human relations. Although merely get physical pleasure with exchange partners, why not see them, out of bed, as a mere sexual object. They not despise man they find, appreciate and come to form true and sincere bonds of friendship in groups that visit regularly. Marriages maybe go have a drink and chat, but with a weekend night somewhat different. There are swingers clubs where couples meet other swingers. Not everyone becomes part of these places, not enough to take a woman’s hand and appear as a couple, that’s not swinger because he would not share with the loved the experience, it would be a group sexual experience, which is very different.

The swingers are a contradiction for many. Love and sharing is not an issue that is easily understood. Often confused with threesomes or orgies practitioners are defined, on the contrary, being always together, loving and sharing. A matter of four, then … but … is not a matter of sex between two members (couples) bimembrados (individual).