Tastes when eating can join or separating couples

All is well in your relationship, have similar tastes, future plans, have fun together and to enjoy the same kind of cinema but when mealtime comes, things get tense. It is that those things that look delicious, the other give nausea, and devours with pleasure to you turns my stomach.

What do we do?

More than half of respondents in a study conducted in conjunction with e-Darling and Red Fridge believes that “share gourmet tastes is key to success in love.”

Not only refer to the fact choosing a dish, but the pleasure of cooking together, which incidentally, is one of the sexiest things you can try. The thing is that eating is a basic need and satisfy the palate is within delight every day. If no culinary compatibility, this private pleasure, as essential as sex, is frustrated and the relationship is damaged.

So much so? Look, for 65% of women and 66.15% of men in this study … IT IS.

On a first date, they prefer to dine at home and choose traditional dishes, however, they choose to dine at a restaurant.

70% of respondents never give up eating meat for love, but 6 out of 10 would have no problem doing alone while her partner opted for the vegetarian style. Of course, for the other 4, not to share a taste for the same dish represents an obstacle to achieving success in the couple.

In the kitchen, as in love, the senses of smell and taste play an essential role. The kitchen can be as good touch’s erotic as the foreplay. Hues of some dishes, taste, spicy, textures, are a universe of games and provocations, plus wonderful pleasures (is proven to increase the pleasure hormones). Therefore, a good gastronomic session can make a relationship a step up in passion.

53.6% prefer a restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner, and 52.4% of men prefer their home as perfect setting for a night of romance and passion. But some are nearly all agree: haute cuisine. “The gourmet dishes, where art, passion and strength of flavors merge become a true reflection of what they aspire to find in their future life partners,” says the study.

Couples are set in eating habits when other to mate. healthy habits are highly valued, at least, so says 90% of respondents. “80% admits it would be a problem that your partner just consume junk food, which is usually associated with negative experiences of life”. All men and women, associate healthy food with happiness and health (desirable thing in someone expect to share more than the first dinner). A curious fact is that “51.7% of men and 40.4% of women relate garbage breaks and heartbreaks with stressful situations and curiously bored with food, which confirms the theory that being creative and out of the routine is critical to the success and health of a couple

Eating is not only to feed and fill, come into play aspects of life that reflect the status, psychology, good or bad taste and level of hedonism (ability to enjoy) the other. What we eat, when to eat and how we eat says a lot more than what you think of you.